Announcing Dispatch 1.1 - Cloud Native CI/CD for Enterprise-Grade GitOps

Learn how Dispatch 1.1 accelerates CI/CD, enhances developer agility and improves collaboration in building pipelines

Apr 27, 2020

Rahul Dabke


D2iQ is proud to announce Dispatch 1.1 — a fast-follower to Dispatch launch where we accelerate CI/CD pipelines and smoothen the user experience for developer onboarding.

Here are noteworthy highlights of the Dispatch 1.1 release:

Accelerate CI/CD pipelines with open source solutions

With D2iQ's multi-language declarative pipeline model, developers can leverage the best open source and CNCF projects, such as Tekton and ArgoCD, to quickly and efficiently build their CI pipelines. The Dispatch catalog offers a predefined set of libraries that developers and DevOps engineers can download and reuse in their pipelines, making them easier to build and maintain. This flexibility provides developers with efficient methods for the following tasks: 

  • Building Docker containers
  • DevSecOps initiatives
  • Rapid Code Testing
  • Unit Test Execution
  • Documentation Rendering
  • Empower developer agility 

Knowing where to go to troubleshoot and where the failure is can be confusing for developers. Artifact management from CI pipelines allows developers to easily access their pipeline images and logs from the user interface (UI) or command line interface (CLI), resulting in a differentiated and better user experience. Dispatch users can gain rapid access and filter by status for expedited troubleshooting.

Improved developer-operator collaboration

Dispatch provides your organization with more transparency, shared responsibility, and a collaborative model for finding the status, challenges, or troubleshooting issues. As a result, Developers and DevOps engineers don’t have to chase different people to find answers, or have to try to figure out who to turn to when things do not work. Pipeline filtering helps operate holistically, breaking down silos and helping processes work better within teams.

Improved Navigation

Improved documentation, general usability improvements, and new step-by-step tutorials increase configuration efficiency, decrease on-ramp time, and improve user experience. There are additional operational improvements under the cover as well. 

As always, our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and support you need to achieve success on your cloud native journey, from code development to infrastructure and operations deployment. Dispatch comes bundled with D2iQ’s Kubernetes distribution, Konvoy, so you have everything you need for enterprise-grade GitOps. To test drive Dispatch and Konvoy together, sign up for a 90-day free trial.

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