Women of D2iQ: In Celebration of Women’s History Month

Mar 01, 2023



Celebrating Women's History Month

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  • Molly Austin, Senior Director, Head of People
  • Tracy Olson, VP, Revenue Operations
  • Natalie Pina, Senior UX Engineer
  • Sonali Mishra, Product Manager
  • Patricia Tirona, Enterprise Account Development Representative

To celebrate #WomensHistoryMonth, our Senior Director, Head of People Molly Austin sat down with four of the many amazing women who play a vital role in our organization. 

Starting this Wednesday and over the next four weeks, we’ll be sharing a new blog post from Tracy Olson, Natalie Pina, Sonali Mishra, and Patricia Tirona covering topics that are important for all women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), such as making your voice heard, the importance of building an inclusive culture, and the opportunities of working in the technology field in a nontechnical role. 

Being Non-Technical in the Tech Field

Tracy Olson (VP, Revenue Operations) shares her experience of working with people from all different teams and backgrounds and her advice for women looking to enter the tech workforce.

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Career Pivoting Into the Tech Industry

Natalie Pina (Senior UX Engineer) discusses her transition into tech from a creative background. She shares her experience of learning to code and her advice for others looking to make a career shift.

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Embracing Your Differences as a Woman in STEM

Sonali Mishra (Product Manager) discusses her experience learning to find her voice, often as the only woman in the room. Sonali shares more on realizing the prevalence of gender gap in tech when coming to the United States and her advice for women on how to make their voices heard.

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The Key to Employee Satisfaction? The Right Company Culture

Patricia Tirona (Account Development Representative) talks about why a company culture is so important. Patricia shares her experience of being a “boomerang” at D2iQ and her advice for finding the right company for your needs.
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