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Professional Services

Cloud Native Value Discovery Insight

A half-day workshop to review your cloud native use case. (Mesosphere, Ksphere, Datasphere)

Cloud Native Roundtable Insight

A two-day enablement workshop on cloud native concepts. (Mesosphere, Ksphere, Datasphere)

Cloud Native Strategy Insight

A workshop to produce an executive strategy and roadmap. (Mesosphere, Ksphere, Datasphere)

DC/OS Accelerator

An eight-week engagement that analyzes the entire lifecycle of Discovery, Design, Deployment, and Operations to help maximize your investment in the DC/OS platform. (Mesosphere, Datasphere)

DC/OS Jumpstart

A 14-day engagement that includes Pre-engagement, Discovery, Deployment, and Operations to help you get started with DC/OS. (Mesosphere, Datasphere)

Cloud Native Service Engineering (CNSE)

Provides custom development of Kubernetes or DC/OS core APIs and other ecosystem open-source projects driven by customer requirements. (Mesosphere, Ksphere)

Cloud Native CoE

Designed for business owners and application developers to successfully drive cloud native solutions in the enterprise. (Mesosphere, Ksphere, Datasphere)

Kubernetes Accelerator

An eight-week engagement that covers the full-phase implementation and deployment of Konvoy Kubernetes distribution. (Ksphere only)

Konvoy Jumpstart

A two-week engagement that walks through the base installation and configuration in one pre-production environment of Konvoy Kubernetes distribution, and includes a planning workshop and knowledge transfer sessions. (Ksphere only)

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Training Services


DC/OS Day 2 Operations

An eight-hour online course that covers the basics of troubleshooting, recovery, upgrades, scaling, monitoring, and security.

Class Schedule

Nov 21 - Nov 22

9:00AM EST

Dec 19 - Dec 20

9:00AM PST


DC/OS Fundamentals

A 15-hour online course that covers the basics of DC/OS administration, including installation requirements, deploying containers and pods, service discovery, load balancing, and logging.

Class Schedule

Nov 18 - Nov 20

9:00AM EST

Dec 16 - Dec 18

9:00AM PST


MK100 - Kubernetes Fundamentals

A four-day online offering designed to accelerate knowledge acquisition and prepare students for the CNCF Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Exam.

Class Schedule

Nov 4 - Nov 7

9:00AM EST

Dec 2 - Dec 5

9:00AM PST


MK200 - Kubernetes Advanced Training

A 12-hour online course designed to educate Kubernetes administrators on the best practices and tools to operate multiple production clusters at enterprise scale and efficiency.

Class Schedule

Nov 11 - Nov 14

9:00AM CST

Dec 9 - Dec 11

9:00AM PST


MK300 - Mesosphere Kubernetes Engine Training

An online, self-paced MKE training course that provides guidance on developing Kubernetes-as-a-Service or other cloud native services.

Class Schedule

No classes available.

DC/OS Big Data Pipeline

Training for Developers and Administrators to learn how to deploy data services with DC/OS.

Class Schedule

No classes available.
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Support Services

D2IQ’s deep bench of support experts will work alongside you to address all your operational challenges. We deliver a wide variety of support services to assist any organization regardless of maturity level and response needs.

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