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Professional Services

Cloud Native Value Discovery Insight

A half-day workshop to review your cloud native use case. (D2iQ Kubernetes Platform, Mesosphere DC/OS Platform)

Cloud Native Roundtable Insight

A two-day enablement workshop on cloud native concepts. (D2iQ Kubernetes Platform, Mesosphere DC/OS Platform)

Cloud Native Strategy Insight

A workshop to produce an executive strategy and roadmap. (D2iQ Kubernetes Platform, Mesosphere DC/OS Platform)

Cloud Native Service Engineering (CNSE)

Provides custom development of Kubernetes or DC/OS core APIs and other ecosystem open-source projects driven by customer requirements. (D2iQ Kubernetes Platform, Mesosphere DC/OS Platform)

Cloud Native CoE

Designed for business owners and application developers to successfully drive cloud native solutions in the enterprise. (D2iQ Kubernetes Platform, Mesosphere DC/OS Platform)

Kubernetes Accelerator

An eight-week engagement that covers the full-phase implementation and deployment of Konvoy Kubernetes distribution. (D2iQ Kubernetes Platform only)

Konvoy Jumpstart

A two-week engagement that walks through the base installation and configuration in one pre-production environment of Konvoy Kubernetes distribution, and includes a planning workshop and knowledge transfer sessions. (D2iQ Kubernetes Platform only)

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Training Services

Kubernetes Platform

MK100: Kubernetes Fundamentals

A complete introduction to Kubernetes and preparation for the CNCF's CKA examination.

Class Schedule

No classes available.
Kubernetes Platform

MK300: Kubernetes Security

An introduction to Kubernetes security best practices and preparation for the CNCF's CKS examination.

Class Schedule

Dec 6 - Dec 9

9:00AM Z

Kubernetes Platform

MK400: Kubernetes Application Development Basics

Application developers can leverage the power of Kubernetes, too. This course also serves as preparation for CNCF's CKAD certification.

Class Schedule

Dec 13 - Dec 16

9:00AM Z

Kubernetes Platform

DKA200: Getting Started With the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP)

Learn skills and techniques necessary to deploy production ready workloads with the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP). Get hands-on experience with DKP Enterprise, including deployment, configuring an external identity provider, and backup/restore.

Class Schedule

Dec 14 - Dec 16

9:00AM Z

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Support Services

D2iQ’s deep bench of support experts will work alongside you to address all your operational challenges. We deliver a wide variety of support services to assist any organization regardless of maturity level and response needs.

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