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The new version of DKP 2.0 includes architectural changes and the adoption of CNCF projects, Cluster API and FluxCD so you can:

  • Improve provisioning and post-provisioning lifecycle management
  • Manage different types of Kubernetes distributions from the same single, central point of control—on-prem, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and air-gapped
  • Achieve superior enterprise class application recovery—expanding from automatic container recovery to node recovery
  • Tune and auto-scale available resources to workload demand automatically for optimal performance and minimum cost
  • Support immutable OSs, such as Flatcar Linux

D2iQ Kubernetes Platform DKP 2.0

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4 Ways DKP 2.0 Makes Enterprise Kubernetes Easier

Avoid Vendor Lock-In & Reduce TCO

Engineered from the beginning to be an open platform, DKP is built on pure upstream open-source Kubernetes providing our customers the freedom to leverage ongoing open-source innovation, immune to the lock-in of proprietary solutions. As the leading independent Kubernetes provider, D2iQ is not beholden to the agenda of IT behemoths such as IBM, VMware, or SUSE. This means lower TCO for our customers, rather than truckloads of consultants and proprietary software. Our independence provides us the agility to focus on the success of our customers, while always keeping TCO top of mind.

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Enterprise-Grade Kubernetes Made Easy

DKP simplifies and automates the really difficult tasks needed for a successful Day 2. Version 2.0 embraces a declarative approach to Kubernetes, including the adoption of Cluster API and FluxCD, that automates many of the manual operational tasks for continuous delivery and lifecycle management. These changes dramatically reduce operational costs and overhead so you can focus on delivering business value.

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Infrastructure Agnostic

DKP 2.0 radically simplifies the deployment of applications across distributed, heterogeneous infrastructures—on-prem, cloud, air-gapped, and edge—in both multi-cluster and multi-tenant environments, which means tremendous flexibility to deliver success where you need it, now and in the future. This versatility makes DKP the ideal solution for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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Harness the Power of Experience

Technology alone doesn’t ensure success in production at scale, you also need the right training, expert services, and technical support to enable your cloud native journey. DKP provides expert consulting services and support for both Kubernetes and your entire cloud native stack of services and applications in your deployment. By leveraging our knowledge, expertise, and operational guidance, you can avoid common pitfalls and ensure faster time to market.

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Enterprise-Grade Kubernetes Technology

DKP 2.0 is built to ensure your deployment of Kubernetes is done with ease and agility, regardless of your level of organizational maturity. Its unique foundation was designed to provide a fully interoperable and Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) conformant open-source experience, which helps make sure you always leverage the best innovation that the industry has to offer for Kubernetes in production at scale, while ensuring the security, resilience and TCO that your organization demands.

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D2iQ Konvoy 2.0

Production-Ready Kubernetes for the Enterprise

A comprehensive, enterprise-grade Kubernetes distribution built on pure upstream open-source with the ancillary platform applications needed for Day 2 production that are tightly integrated, secured, and tested at scale. Konvoy 2.0 leverages Cluster API to automate cluster lifecycle management, auto-scale across cloud providers, and improve air-gapped deployments. It also provides support for immutable OSs, such as Flatcar Linux.
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D2iQ Kommander 2.0

Enterprise Kubernetes Cluster Governance and Control

A federated management plane that delivers centralized observability, control, and governance of disparate Kubernetes clusters, regardless of distribution, from the same central point of control. Kommander 2.0 includes the adoption of Cluster API, multi-tenant and workspace-level logging, and multi-cluster application management for Day 2 readiness.
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D2iQ Kaptain Powered by Kubeflow

End-to-End Machine Learning

An enterprise-ready distribution of open-source Kubeflow that enables your organization to develop, deploy, and run their entire Machine Learning (ML) workloads in production at scale in a consistent and repeatable manner, without sacrificing your security or compliance requirements.

Everything is pure open-source. I’m able to do my own research, get stuff done, and have D2iQ there for back-up support if it’s needed.

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Brett Stewart

Brett Stewart, Senior DevOps Engineer, Ziff Media Group

Expert Professional Services

As you grapple with challenges of why, how, and where to begin your cloud native journey, our Professional Services team provides expert guidance and support from Day 1 design to Day 2 operations — and everything in between. D2iQ has the deep expertise, experience, and industry-leading best practices to efficiently advise, activate, and drive adoption of cloud native solutions leveraging Kubernetes.

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D2iQ’s Advisory Services are designed to assist your organization from the start of its Kubernetes journey. These services deliver expert guidance across the cloud native landscape to ensure that in-depth mapping and design of the necessary technologies leads to a successful outcome.

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D2iQ’s Activation Services are designed to establish internal expertise of your organization’s use cases so you can build a production-grade deployment environment. These services are tailored to meet your cloud native application needs for scalability, efficiency, and speed.

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D2iQ’s Adoption Services are designed to help with Day 2 operations enablement and continuous support and improvement in the lifecycle of your applications.

Certified Training and Expert Support

When adopting and using new cloud native technologies, learning the intricacies of the landscape and the nuances of each technology can be quite complex. Developing the required expertise can take months of arduous self-paced work for even the best technologists. To significantly shorten this effort, D2iQ’s certified team of training and support experts can help your organization develop the skills they need to succeed.

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Training Services

D2iQ is a Certified Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP) and delivers instructor-led courses that can equip you with the skills and knowledge to successfully plan, build, and operate on Day 2 in production, both for Kubernetes and its supporting cloud native applications.

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Support Services

D2iQ has a deep bench of support experts ready to assist you through the challenging issues that face any operational effort. DKP delivers a cloud native workload testing methodology that ensures your stack of technologies are initially and continuously tested to ensure interoperability of key services.

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D2iQ Kubernetes Platform 2.0: The Leading Independent Platform for Kubernetes in Production

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