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D2iQ Kommander

Developed to enable governance and lifecycle management of disparate Kubernetes clusters from a single management plane for viewing multi-cluster health, managing distributed operations, and leveraging operational insights for an enterprise’s Kubernetes usage.

D2iQ Konvoy

Designed to provide a comprehensive, enterprise grade Kubernetes distribution with the add-ons needed for production selected, integrated and tested for faster time to benefit. D2iQ supports the entire stack, reducing the operational load on your team and ensuring success on Day 2 with a robust platform at scale on any infrastructure.


Kubernetes Operators encode the operational runbooks for managing complex and stateful applications. KUDO provides a framework for developing operators using a declarative approach, addressing the full lifecycle of a service. D2iQ maintains a core set of high value KUDO operators designed for building data rich applications using technologies like Spark, Kafka, and Cassandra. KUDO for Kubeflow is targeted at simplifying the adoption of machine learning workloads on Kubernetes. D2iQ KUDO operators are backed by our expert support team 24/7.

D2iQ Conductor

Designed to give your team on-demand access to hands-on cloud native training. Conductor: created by experts to make your team experts.

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Professional Services

Cloud Native Value Discovery Insight

A half-day workshop to review your cloud native use case.

Cloud Native Roundtable Insight

A two-day enablement workshop on cloud native concepts.

Cloud Native Strategy Insight

A workshop to produce an executive strategy and roadmap.

Kubernetes Accelerator

An eight-week engagement that covers the full-phase implementation of Kubernetes with D2iQ Kubernetes Platform for a production use case. Includes a planning workshop, knowledge transfer sessions, and production readiness assessment.

Kubernetes Jumpstart

A two-week engagement that covers the full-phase implementation of Kubernetes with D2iQ Kubernetes Platform for a pre-production use case. Includes a planning workshop and knowledge transfer sessions.

Cloud Native CoE (Center-of-Excellence)

Designed for business owners and application developers to successfully drive cloud native solutions in the enterprise.

Cloud Native Services Engineering (CNSE)

Provides custom development using core kubernetes APIs and other ecosystem open-source projects driven by customer requirements.

Resident/Remote Day 2 Service (R2D2)

This service is designed to support our clients production-go-live operations in the ongoing design, additional deployment, continued optimization, and day 2 operations.

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Training Services

MK100 - Kubernetes Fundamentals

An instructor-led learning offering designed to accelerate knowledge acquisition and prepare students for the CNCF Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Exam.

MK200 - Kubernetes Advanced Training

An instructor-led learning offering designed to educate Kubernetes administrators on the best practices and tools to operate multiple production clusters at enterprise scale and efficiency.

MK400 - Cloud-Native Application Development Fundamentals

An instructor-led learning offering designed to provide students with the fundamentals of developing Cloud Native Applications on Kubernetes and prepare them for the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) exam.

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Support Services

D2iQ Kubernetes Platform Premium Support

24/7 premium support with advanced SLAs to meet your immediate Kubernetes needs. Premium support is included with the subscription of D2iQ Kubernetes Platform Components. These components generally contain many open source projects. Full stack support from our expert support team lowers the organization’s total cost of ownership for a kubernetes platform and results in more rapid incident response and recovery times.

D2iQ Kubernetes Platform Signature Support

For some organizations, having a premium baseline of support is simply not enough. Signature support extends the relationship to focus on outcomes. In those cases, DKP is strategic to the customer’s business, runs mission critical workloads, and therefore requires a deep partnership that is more than focusing on incident and problem resolution. This offers improved response times and a technical account manager as an extension of the customer’s team.

D2iQ Kubernetes Platform Operator Support Add-On

KUDO Operators provide a consistent operational experience for complex open source data services, like Spark, Kafka, and Cassandra. KUDO Operator Support is an add-on service offering to extend customer support to this bundle of open source operators, lowering operating costs.

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