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Modernizing Cybersecurity: New Challenges, New Practices

Aug 24, 2023

Michael Neubarth


Modernizing Cybersecurity

The practice of cybersecurity is undergoing radical transformation in the face of new threats introduced by new technologies. As a McKinsey & Company survey notes, “an expanding attack surface is driving innovation in cybersecurity.” 


Kubernetes and the cloud are infrastructure technologies with many moving parts that have introduced new attack surfaces and created a host of new security challenges.  


To meet these challenges, modern security modes have emerged, including Zero Trust, Shift Left, DevSecOps, and air-gapping. Successfully achieving these security modes and practices requires technology and cultural changes.   


Mastering these methodologies can be tricky, which is why you won’t want to miss our upcoming expert discussion entitled Mastering Cloud-Native Security: Get Proactive with GitOps, DevSecOps, and More.


In this webinar, D2iQ CEO Tobi Knaup and ESG Analyst Paul Nashawaty will share expert insights and best practices to enable you to avoid the pitfalls and establish the strongest security posture, at scale, across your entire infrastructure.


Modern infrastructure and security topics that will be covered include:

  • Modern security modes: state of the art
  • Kubernetes management done right
  • Open-source security
  • Multi-cloud fleet management
  • Intelligent infrastructure
  • Securing the supply chain


D2iQ Webinar: Mastering Cloud Native Security


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September 12, 2023 at 9:00AM PST | 12:00 PM EST | 5:00PM BST 



Hosted by Paul Nashawaty, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group

Featuring Tobi Knaup, D2iQ CEO and Co-Founder 


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