Announcing Konvoy - Enterprise Grade Kubernetes

Aug 06, 2019

Amr Abdelrazik


2 min read

We are excited to announce the general availability of Konvoy. Konvoy is a Kubernetes distribution that brings together the best of breed cloud native technologies to simplify deploying and running Kubernetes on any infrastructure.
We spoke with our customers to understand the adoption and barriers of Kubernetes deployment across their organizations. While many customers are eager to adopt containers and microservices, they’re quickly realizing that getting a Kubernetes cluster up and running is no easy feat. Building your first, production grade, Kubernetes cluster requires significant time, expertise and resources, especially if they’re managing it on-premise. And that’s only for deploying the initial cluster. Delivering an end-to-end solution includes a variety of open-source technologies that takes months to build and integrate together. For these organizations, their ultimate goal is to get Kubernetes as quickly and easily as possible — so they can focus on building apps that matter to their business, instead of worrying about the underlying infrastructure.
Enter Konvoy, a new offering by D2IQ built completely from the ground up independently from Apache Mesos. Konvoy is designed for customers who are starting their containers and microservices journey with Kubernetes and want to quickly stand their first production Kubernetes cluster with the necessary CNCF technologies.
Konvoy is a CNCF Certified Conformance Kubernetes Distribution that is designed to be easy to use, with a single command to get a cluster up and running. Konvoy is built using upstream Kubernetes combined with all other required technologies and add-ons such as networking, storage, monitoring, logging, lifecycle management, using best of breed open source CNCF technologies. Konvoy comes with operational, security leading practices, testing and support for all of those technologies, and it works on virtual, bare metal, and public cloud infrastructure.
Konvoy includes
  • CNCF Certified Conformance Kubernetes Distribution
  • Required Kubernetes technologies and add-ons
    • Networking: Calico (CNCF) for network overlay, CoreDNS (CNCF), Ingress controller (Traefik)
    • Storage: CSI support, local and external volumes support
    • Container runtime: containerd (CNCF)
    • Metrics Stack: Prometheus (CNCF), Grafana
    • Logging Stack: Fluentbit, Elasticsearch, Kibana
    • Package Manager: Helm (CNCF)
    • Backup & Restore: Valero (formerly known as Ark)
    • Authentication: Dex
  • Security: CIS benchmark validation (& more)
  • Cloud resource deployment using Terraform and Ansible for configuring the machines and Kubernetes
  • Cluster lifecycle for in-place patching, upgrades and resizing
  • Cloud, bare metal and virtual infrastructure support
  • 24/7 D2iQ engineering support for all components included in the stack
Here is a quick demo of Konvoy in action:

We will also be open-sourcing Kubeaddons that allows you to deploy all the add-ons you need to operate a Kubernetes cluster. We feel that the broader community will benefit from this work and look forward to collaborating with others as we continue to improve it. We will provide more details coming soon.
For more information on Konvoy, please take advantage of our 90-day evaluation license.

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