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Faster Time to Market

Speed to Day 2 with automated installation of all the add-ons needed for production operations such as security, networking, storage, observability, and developer tooling.

Flexible Deployment Options

Empower deployment across all infrastructures: cloud, multi-cloud, edge, and industry leading implementations for on-premise and air-gapped environments.

Enterprise Grade Full Stack Support

With automation built-in and the experts to back you up, reduce the operational burden on your team when challenges arise with any component in the stack. Expert, enterprise grade support is a key component of the D2iQ Kubernetes platform, which provides you with not only technology, but also the training and support you need for success on Day 2.

Proven Scalability

Deploy with confidence knowing that D2iQ Konvoy is tested at all scales with a full range of business workloads to support mission critical environments and the most complex customer requirements.

Try D2iQ Konvoy in Minutes

Free trial now includes:

  • D2iQ Kommander — federated cross-cluster management
  • Dispatch — cloud native CI/CD capabilities
  • D2iQ KUDO — the Universal Declarative Operator

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How Line-of-Business Owners Benefit

Achieve business goals more quickly and easily with D2iQ as a trusted advisor. D2iQ provides the full combination of technology, training and support needed for success on Day 2: production applications running at scale.
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How Enterprise Architects Benefit

Provide immediate value to Enterprise Architects with a simplified, declarative, and highly automated install of Kubernetes. D2iQ’s product and engineering teams did the difficult work of providing an opinionated set of supporting services from the vast cloud native landscape and integrating them for an out-of-the-box, production-ready experience, tested at scale for the most mission critical business services. This production-ready Kubernetes distribution includes operationally ready services for Day 2 needs such as security, networking, storage, observability, and developer tooling. Using this packaged set of enterprise-grade services, Enterprise Architects can focus on adding value by satisfying your organization’s application needs instead of on addressing basic infrastructure and operational requirements.
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How Operations Benefit

Empower operational teams to prepare for, deliver and manage Kubernetes with significantly greater ease and peace of mind with the comprehensive technology and training needed for production at scale. Fully automated out of the box, D2iQ integrates pure upstream open source Kubernetes with all of the CNCF-sourced add-ons needed for Day 2 operations enabling developer productivity; extensive integration and scale testing to ensure a stable and production ready environment; And the domain expertise at every phase of the journey through our training, deployment services and support as operations teams move toward a successful Day 2 application delivery experience. Our full-stack support for Kubernetes and the complete stream of supporting operational services mitigates risk, reduces downtime, and minimizes the operational overhead of keeping things running smoothly by having “one throat to choke” and being able to get problems solved with a single call, email, or Slack message, wherever in the stack they are originating.
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How Developers Benefit

Kubernetes was designed to speed up the process of shipping applications faster, with less downtime — so developer tools must be built in. In addition to the operational tooling needed for Day 2, D2iQ Konvoy includes cloud native developer tooling for integrated GitOps capabilities. Enhance developer productivity by enabling developers to independently manage their pipeline, without central teams slowing them down. With multiple choices for pipeline configuration using four domain specific declarative languages, development teams can create pipelines with powerful programming constructs, deploy applications to multiple environments, and rollout strategies to ensure zero downtime.

Features and Benefits

Complete and Open Kubernetes Solution

Konvoy is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) conformant pure upstream open source Kubernetes distribution with a full suite of integrated and supported components delivering an end-to-end solution. D2iQ’s product and engineering teams did the difficult work to reduce the operational burden on customer teams by providing an opinionated set of supporting services from the vast cloud native landscape and integrating them for an out-of-the-box, production-ready experience, automated and tested at scale for the most mission critical business services.

CNCF Certified Partner

D2iQ is a CNCF certified Kubernetes distribution, Service Provider, and Training Partner.

Real-world Cloud Native Workload and Scale Testing

D2iQ conducts rigorous testing at a range of scales and with a variety of complex business workloads. These extensive tests, conducted for every release, demonstrate our commitment to providing enterprise grade solutions that will scale.

Access Your Applications

Easily automate and expose application endpoints via Traefik and Metal-LB for ingress and load balancing.

Service Discovery

Connect and scale new services through automated service discovery.


Gain deep insight into your Kubernetes platform and applications with open source metrics leveraging Telegraf, Prometheus and Grafana. Collect and analyze logs and metrics to ensure optimal performance and troubleshooting with Elastic, Kibana, and Fluentbit.


Integrate with a wide variety of storage solutions leveraging the open standard for storage (Container Storage Interface — CSI), with out of the box support for public cloud storage solutions and a pluggable architecture for existing storage investments in the data center or purpose built cloud native solutions.

Infrastructure Automation

Standardize deployments with an automated, declarative, and flexible approach using modular Ansible and Terraform automation for public cloud and on-premise providers.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ensure business continuity and disaster recovery with Velero.

End-to-End Support

D2iQ provides expert enterprise-grade support and services for the entire platform including all add-on components.

Cluster Autoscaling

Save significant amounts of money scaling down capacity when it is not needed, and add capacity when there is greater demand with built in cluster autoscaling.

Fine-grained Cluster Upgrades

Carry out non-disruptive patching or parallel worker node upgrades, saving a huge amount of time for deployments with many nodes, or upgrade by specific node pools to reduce operational stress.

Cloud-Native CI/CD with GitOps

D2iQ Konvoy with Dispatch is the only Kubernetes native, CI/CD platform leveraging CNCF tooling like Tekton, ArgoCD and more. Choose from CUE, Starlark, JSON, and YAML, so you can develop pipelines with powerful programming constructs, without having to slow down or learn another language.

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