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The Foundation of the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform
A comprehensive, enterprise-grade Kubernetes distribution that is built on pure open source and includes all of the necessary add-ons needed for Day 2 production, for faster time to benefit.
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Why Use D2iQ Konvoy?

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Leverage Pure Upstream, Open Source Kubernetes

Avoid Lock-In and Harness Innovation

The promise of Kubernetes is that it’s supposed to be open, run on most environments, and can be integrated with hundreds of open-source and cloud-native applications that all work well together. While there are many cloud providers that offer Kubernetes solutions, they come with proprietary updates that lock you into versions or builds of components that prevent integrating with other upstream projects from the ecosystem. D2iQ Konvoy is built on pure upstream open-source Kubernetes, so you can avoid lock-in. Everything is out-of-the-box so you can manage Kubernetes independently and harness the innovation of the community.
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Standardize Deployments

Ensure Consistent, Repeatable, and Successful Deployments

Most Kubernetes distributions don’t come with a built-in set of supporting services for production operations which requires significant effort for organizations to select, deploy, and maintain. D2iQ Konvoy takes care of the heavy lifting by selecting all of the ancillary add-ons needed to use Kubernetes in production, including networking, logging, monitoring, security, and more. These Day 2 add-ons have been selected from the CNCF ecosystem, and are automated, integrated, and tested at scale. The result is a consistent, flexible, and repeatable approach to standing up a production-ready environment, accelerating time-to-market for new application needs.
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Operate in Air-Gapped Environments

Speed up Delivery Without Sacrificing Security or Compliance

Getting Kubernetes to work in an air-gapped environment is incredibly complex because they have infrastructure restrictions that limit their ability to effectively deploy and operate. D2iQ Konvoy bridges the gap between the open source cloud native ecosystem and the security requirements that the public sector depends on. With a Kubernetes distribution used by the most demanding, security-conscious customers in the public and private sectors, you can accelerate time to value and deliver consistent, resilient, and secure cloud native technologies.
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Maintain Enterprise-Grade Interoperability

Unique Cloud Native Scale Testing

Most open-source technologies were not built to ensure interoperability from the start. And the efforts of jamming together multiple, disparate technologies is time-consuming and error prone. D2iQ is the only company that conducts this level of comprehensive, rigorous testing to ensure your stack of application services all work together. There is no extra tuning or configuration to make D2iQ Konvoy highly available — what you get out-of-the-box is tested at a range of scales and with a variety of workloads, including complex, stateful ones. This use case testing gives organizations the peace of mind that their cluster will scale, no matter how large they grow.
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Leverage Premium Expertise

Ongoing Training, Services, and Support

Most Kubernetes providers offer training, services, and support for Kubernetes, but not for the wide variety of services beyond the cloud-native landscape. DKP provides a full complement of training, expert professional services, and end-to-end support for Kubernetes and the full stack of application services needed for production operations. Rather than dealing with multiple vendors, you have a single partner to help keep everything running smoothly at every stage of your Kubernetes journey. By leveraging our holistic approach, you can accelerate time to value, reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and mitigate the risk of adopting Kubernetes.
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Embrace Cloud-Native CI/CD with GitOps

Speed Up Development and Ship Apps Faster

If you’re building cloud-native applications that run on Kubernetes, you need an integrated cloud-native GitOps solution so you can speed up development and ship applications faster. D2iQ Konvoy with Dispatch was designed from the ground up with cloud-native CI/CD and GitOps in mind. Unlike other solutions that simply package together open-source components, D2iQ Dispatch is a pre-packaged cloud-native GitOps platform that leverages Kubernetes’ native services to enhance build and deployment capabilities, so you rapidly build, test, and deploy applications to Kubernetes and get to market faster.

Features and Benefits


Container Orchestration

Leverage an industry standard distribution of open-source Kubernetes for cluster and container management.


Application Management and Deployment

Deploy applications and services within Kubernetes clusters with Helm.


Cloud-Native CI/CD with GitOps

Use CNCF tooling, like Tekton, ArgoCD, and Flagger, to build and deploy applications across cloud native architectures.



Gain deep insight into your Kubernetes cluster and applications with open source metrics leveraging Telegraf, Prometheus, and Grafana.



Collect and analyze logs and metrics to ensure optimal performance and troubleshooting with Elastic, Kibana, and Fluentbit.


Backup, Recovery, and Migration

Ensure business continuity and disaster recovery with Velero.


Fine-Grained Cluster Upgrades

Reduce operational overhead with non-disruptive patching or parallel worker node upgrades.


Cluster Autoscaling

Save operational costs by scaling down capability when it’s not needed, and add capacity when there is a greater demand.


Networking and Routing

Easily automate and expose application endpoints with Calico, Traefik, Itso, and CoreDNS.

D2iQ Resources for Kubernetes Success

The D2iQ Guide to Steering a Successful Kubernetes Ship Cover

The D2iQ Guide to Steering a Successful Kubernetes Ship

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Kubernetes Governance: Take Control of Your Multi-Cluster Operations

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From Order to Disorder: Controlling the Chaos of Cluster Sprawl

Everything is pure open-source. I’m able to do my own research, get stuff done, and have D2iQ there for back-up support if it’s needed.

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Brett Stewart

Brett Stewart, Senior DevOps Engineer, Ziff Media Group

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