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KUDO accepted as a CNCF Sandbox project

KUDO is now officially a CNCF project

Jul 13, 2020

Matt Jarvis


We’re excited to announce that the KUDO ( Kubernetes Universal Declarative Operator) project is now officially accepted as a CNCF Sandbox project. This was the culmination of two years of hard work from the team and is a fantastic step forward for the project. Since it started as a tiny skunkworks project at the D2iQ office we’ve seen adoption from users and developers across the world, and the project has matured into an awesome toolbox for simplifying the development of Kubernetes operators.


When we started KUDO, building operators was a major undertaking, typically requiring thousands of lines of Go, a significant understanding of Kubernetes internals, and domain specific knowledge of the application itself. For many organizations, this was a huge burden in terms of resources and complexity, making it difficult to take advantage of the power of the operator pattern. 


At D2iQ, we’d seen very similar issues in the Mesos community with users building Mesos frameworks ending up having to re-implement similar types of orchestration. As a result, our engineering team developed an SDK for Mesos which provided a set of basic primitives for task scheduling and orchestration. This simplified the development process through a layer of abstraction which encoded those generic actions into the concepts of plans, phases, steps, and tasks. When we started looking at the operator landscape, it seemed like this same set of abstractions could also work for building Kubernetes operators, and so KUDO was born.


Fast forward two years, 2000+ commits, over 60 conference and meetup talks in over 20 countries later, and KUDO is now officially a CNCF project. Being part of the CNCF ecosystem will enable the project to continue to grow under the governance models established by the community, driving participation in the project itself and the user base for developing operators with KUDO. Here’s to the future!

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