Mesosphere is now D2iQ

Aug 05, 2019

Mike Fey


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Today is very exciting for the Mesosphere family. We are launching into the next phase of our growth strategy, which will take our employees, customers, partners and investors on an important and compelling journey that builds upon our legacy of success in enabling enterprise-grade cloud native solutions.
The Mesosphere team, beginning with our founders, has an unmatched legacy of more than 10 years in cloud native development across a broad spectrum of open-source technologies. So, it's natural for us to evolve Mesosphere’s strategy to focus on helping our customers build, deploy and support cloud native, regardless of their preference of technology platform.
In line with this transformation, we are very proud to announce a series of new product offerings and even a refreshed brand and company name that represents our commitment to our customers: D2iQ (which stands for Day-Two-I-Q). 
An Extended Identity
So why are we changing our name? As a company name, Mesosphere doesn't represent the evolution of our strategy and the services we have offered our customers for some time. Thus, we felt the need to expand our identity. Even as we are significantly expanding our offerings for Kubernetes and other services such as Kafka, Jupyter and more, we are not walking away from 'Mesosphere' as a concept or a brand. In fact, it's a critical part of our future, living on as a core solution category and offering.
We chose the name D2iQ because it reflects both our legacy and future focus: to deliver enterprise-grade cloud platforms so that our customers can embrace prevailing open-source and cloud native innovations while realizing smarter Day 2 operations.  
Day 2 is a devops concept that has been around for some time, referring to the phase of the development lifecycle that follows initial deployment where the real application demands exist.
On Day 2, organizations begin to place stringent requirements on applications such as resilience, scale, agility, security, governance and compliance. In other words, Day 2 is when an application moves from a development project to a strategic advantage to the business. We have always recognized this as a company. And we have been side by side to assist our customers in deploying and supporting some of the biggest and most sophisticated cloud platforms in the world.
And what about the "I.Q." component? Well, a successful Day 2 requires a smart strategy from Day 0. Our aim is to provide our customers with the education and expertise needed to make smart decisions on their cloud native journey. Smarter Day 2 operations start with good strategic planning, as we’ve observed with our most successful customers time and time again.
An Expanded Strategy
As one of the original cloud innovators with a focus on scalability, resilience and security, we have unmatched experience in enabling some of the world's largest cloud deployments. This uniquely gives us the expertise, people and technology to provide navigational guidance and support across an increasingly complex and confusing landscape. We have organized these capabilities into solution "spheres" that are aligned within each of our core technology practices, including Kubernetes, Mesos, and Data Services, to name a few.
Each sphere is composed of a defined set of offerings that include technologies, services, training and support that help ensure our customers reach their goals and desired outcomes.
While we expect to add more spheres over time, the following are centered around our domain expertise and available now:
  • Ksphere, a solution category tailor-made to deliver advanced capabilities for application orchestration leveraging a foundation of Kubernetes. This sphere further leverages the very best of the cloud-native ecosystem focused on success with Kubernetes.
  • Mesosphere, a solution category which is rooted in providing a very mature foundation for massive application scale and reliability leveraging a Mesos and DC/OS foundation. This sphere is used to drive some of the largest applications on the planet today.
  • Datasphere, a data-centric solution category centered around requirements for building and maintaining large-scale data analytics, data science and data-driven  application environments. Leveraging the best of the open-source community's data capabilities, this solution category ensures successful use of data services such as Kafka, Spark and Cassandra to name a few.

Our Commitment to Our Customers
One thing that isn't changing is our focus on our customers. In fact, this expanded strategy is for our customers: A dedicated commitment to our customer's success on their cloud native journey to Day 2 – regardless of their choice of technology platform.
These are exciting days for us here at D2iQ and we look forward to embarking on this next phase of our journey with you.
Mike Fey, CEO;
Ben Hindman, Founder & Chief Product Officer;
Tobi Knaup, Founder & Chief Technology Officer; and
Florian Leibert, Founder & Chief Cloud Officer

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