O'Reilly eBook: Learn How to Use Cassandra in Production

Learn more about Cassandra, one of the key technologies powering the SMACK stack — a new architecture to build and operate fast data applications.

The ability to easily access tremendous amounts of computing power has made data the new basis of competition — businesses must learn to extract value from data and build modern applications that serve customers with personalized services, in real time, and at scale. A de facto architecture is emerging to build and operate fast data applications, and is often referred to as the “SMACK” stack (Spark, Mesosphere, Akka, Cassandra, and Kafka).

Download this free book excerpt from O’Reilly to learn about the architecture and technical details to put Apache Cassandra to work in your production environment. This excerpt includes four chapters: a history of relational databases, an overview of Cassandra and its advantages, the Cassandra architecture, and deploying and integrating Cassandra.

What You Will Learn:.

  • Use cases for relational databases and why non-relational database technologies have taken off
  • What makes Cassandra unique and exciting, and its advantages over similar tools
  • What happens during read and write operations and how the database achieves durability and high availability
  • How to deploy Cassandra clusters, including integration with other key technologies to extend its capabilities

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