Apache Mesos 1.5 Improvements | D2iQ

Feb 12, 2018

Gilbert Song


1 min read


Apache Mesos, the core of DC/OS, provides the production-grade resource management and application-aware scheduling that makes DC/OS a stable and flexible platform. The Mesos community is continuously improving Mesos, optimizing performance and adding new features and compatibilities with each release. Many of these improvements ultimately become new DC/OS features, since DC/OS is built on Apache Mesos.

Mesos 1.5, released on February 8, 2018, includes significant improvements to resource management, storage and containerization. Container Storage Interface (CSI) support is new and experimental in Mesos 1.5, and will allow the use of any CSI compliant storage system with Mesos using consistent APIs. The new ability to reconfigure agents (without killing all the tasks running on them) greatly improves the operator experience. Performance gains have made master failover 80-85% faster and improved v1 API performance significantly. Resource management is more flexible with the new release. Last but not least, added support for container image garbage collection and better Windows support make it easier to run Mesos on different types of infrastructure, and to run different types of workloads on Mesos.

Learn more about all the new features and improvements in Mesos 1.5 on the Apache Mesos blog (cross-posted on Medium).

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