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Aug 12, 2019

Abhijith Shenoy


3 min read


Great news: We're partnering with D2iQ to offer Hedvig users the ability to run stateful container applications. Hedvig users can now use D2iQ's cloud-native ecosystem to deliver an enterprise-grade, Day 2 experience. 


Enterprise storage has evolved from tape and DAS to NAS/SAN and hyper-converged solutions. But for the past decade, all storage innovation has been developed with virtualization in mind. Stateful containers pose a new set of challenges to the storage layer with the demand for dynamic and frequent volume provisioning, container affinity for volumes, and location-agnostic storage availability. 


The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform solves that problem by bringing its enterprise-tested and production-hardened software-defined storage to the container world. It provides container-native and container-aware storage, along with enterprise storage features, such as deduplication, compression, encryption, replication, and more. 


To top it off, D2iQ and Hedvig customers can now run container workloads on Hedvig across multiple cloud providers with absolutely zero cloud lock-in. Many businesses already run on DC/OS and are just starting to explore the latest and greatest that Kubernetes and the cloud-native ecosystem have to offer. This includes tooling and functionality to rapidly build apps and enhancements onto their platform. Our partnership with D2iQ will help our customers reduce cycle times and deliver business value at the speed of the enterprise.


How D2iQ + Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform work together

D2iQ has been investing in Kubernetes and the cloud-native ecosystem so developers can create and administer cloud-native apps in a more direct and efficient way. With this partnership, developers gain:


  • Application-tailored storage dynamically provisioned for containers
  • Data persistence and always-available volumes, even if a container is migrated
  • Hedvig’s support for containers, VMs, and bare metal, which eliminates the need to rip-and-replace or introduce another storage silo
  • Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud applications built with Hedvig’s storage cluster spanning distant sites and clouds


By unifying the delivery and support model, adding an enterprise-class persistent storage layer, and integrating it with both traditional and modern workflows, you can overcome the challenges of adopting containers for your production workloads. Please contact us for more details.

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