Mesosphere Community Update #2

Apr 10, 2014



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During the week of March 23, @TwitterOSS hosted a bespoke Aurora and Mesos meetup and, then, the following week, they hosted a larger (and hopefully recurring) #Conf event. Both events had some great Mesos content—and we have those videos for you. Also big in the news: Mesos 0.18.0 (RC6) is now an official release. More on that, and links to download below.
Here are the full community highlights from the past few weeks:
Upcoming events:
  • GlueCon, the technical event for developers & devops, May 21-22 in Broomfield, CO. Come see Connor Doyle (@nor0101), Niklas Nielsen (@quarfot), and Adam Bordelon present Mesos: An SDK for Distributed Systems Developers.
  • DockerCon, the first annual Docker conference, June 9-10 in San Francisco. Docker + Mesos fans are sure to find some exciting content. If you didn't make it to GlueCon, this is another opportunity to see Mesos: An SDK for Distributed Systems Developers.
  • OSCON, O'Reilly's "everything open source" convention, July 20-24 in Portland, OR.
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