Mesosphere Community Update #1

Mar 20, 2014



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Our community is in the midst of a revolution. Mesos is no longer an edge technology, only for the Twitters and Airbnbs of the world; it's going mainstream and we are at its center. There is more activity on the Apache mailing lists, more commits in the code, more frameworks being developed, more developers building tools around Mesos—and, perhaps most excitingly, there are more companies deploying Mesos into production.
All of this activity makes it harder to keep up!
The Mesosphere team wants to help you keep up with all of the community activity by curating a concise semi-regular update, of which this is the first. We are looking to share the most interesting and important activities in the Mesos community.
Here are some recent highlights:
Venture capital icon Vinod Khosla gave a call-out to Mesos in his 2014 Open Networking Summit keynote, where he waxed about the need for a datacenter OS. The Mesos portion begins at 24:07 in the ONS2014 Keynote YouTube video.
Lab49 software engineer Anvar Karimson re-implemented Stripe's legendary Capture the Flag (CTF) system on Mesos. Read his blow-by-blow description here: Running Stripe CTF 2.0 on Mesos.
Community member Tomas Barton gave an introductory talk on Mesos at the InstallFest in Prague. In his 59-slide talk, he covered everything from workload balancing to Mesos fault tolerance. View his presentation on SlideShare: Introduction to Apache Mesos.
On February 27, Mesos 0.17.0 was released and you can download it here. The 0.17.0 release features auto-recovery of the replicated log, which enhances Mesos's high-availability and fault-tolerance. Read more here: Mesos 0.17.0 release notes
On the path toward fully implementing the Mesos Registrar Design, we saw progress toward creating persistence of state information for slaves. Placing a small amount of state information in highly-available storage will make recovery of slaves faster and more graceful (this has been lacking for a while).
You can now download Mesos 0.18.0-RC4 (release candidate 4). The primary features of the 0.18.0 release are changes that make it easier to insert pluggable container technologies, like Docker. This release foreshadows some pretty interesting Docker integrations with Mesos.
Upcoming events:
BBQ at Mesosphere HQ, 6-8 pm, March 28th. Come join us for a low-key BBQ. 145A Hampshire St, San Francisco (near Potrero @ 15th). Swing by and meet our team.
Mesos Frameworks and Aurora Meetup on March 25th in San Francisco, sponsored by @TwitterOSS.
We hope to publish these updates at least a few times each month, and we're interested in your suggestions. Please let us know what you think about the length, content and style, and send us your tips on what to publish each week. Do you have something to share? Write to us at
This post was co-authored by Abhishek Parolkar. Follow him on Twitter at @parolkar.

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