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What’s Next for Mesosphere

Feb 01, 2019

Mike Fey


5 min read

Today is my first official day as CEO of Mesosphere and I am excited to be here. Over the last several months I have been talking with the founders, leading investors and folks throughout the industry to gain greater understanding about the company, our technology and the exciting path ahead of us. So, I want to take this opportunity to share my views on our technology and the important role that I see us playing as we go forward.
We are at an incredible moment in technology. We're seeing industry leaders and disruptive start-ups demonstrate how technology can enable enterprises in any sector to vastly improve customer experiences, create new revenue streams and speed the time to bring innovative new offerings to market.  But, we're only scratching the surface. In the coming years, we'll see these efforts truly blossom into everything from autonomous vehicles and robotic manufacturing to AI-driven experiences that will change the way we shop for goods and services, travel from place to place, manage financial services, stay healthy and connect with each other around the world. Ultimately the confluence of quickly-emerging computing technologies and an accelerating pace of innovation will dramatically improve how companies understand our world and compete in the current market environment. And, all of this, of course, will be driven by data.
The enterprises who will win in the future (and today, for that matter), will be those who are best equipped to harvest, analyze and act upon real-time data from across their enterprise - from retail stores to the cloud to the factory floor. But, getting there will be no small feat. The reality is that enterprise data spans a very complex world, consisting of traditional on-premise computing, blended with multiple cloud provider instances along with the still largely analog edge - where an enterprise's customers, employees and operations increasingly live.
This is where Mesosphere's technology will play a critical role for our customers. At its core, our technology is about automating this increasingly complex IT world. Our edge to cloud data-plane allows customers to connect their full data universe in real-time and easily build applications that can transform all aspects of their enterprise. Through automation, customers can leverage the latest open-source technologies from Kafka and Spark to Kubernetes and Tensorflow, without having to hire teams of experts in each of these complex systems.  And, more importantly, they can run these applications on any infrastructure from edge to cloud, scaling to meet the emerging challenges, requirements and opportunities facing every industry.
I see Mesosphere is an accelerator of tremendous open-source advancements like Kubernetes and I hope that we will be a key enabler of their mass enterprise adoption.  Because, the simple reality is that the most advanced operations we see today require hero programmers, administrators and the best-of-the-breed DevOps professionals. These heroes are critical for the earliest adopters of advanced technologies, but there are simply not enough of them out there. Greater automation and simplification will be required to close this gap and fully realize the benefits that these new technologies offer.
On top of this talent gap, we all-too-often see that decisions made in the early days of ambitious technology initiatives, that might have appeared sufficient at the time, prove to be unsustainable for the long-haul — including choices that lead to vendor lock-in.
At Mesosphere, we are tackling the ambitious goal of giving enterprises a means to adopt cloud on their own terms. Helping our customers scale data intensive, game-changing applications with best-of-breed open source technologies, while avoiding vendor lock-in, is our mission. I look forward to the important role that Mesosphere will play in the future of IT.

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