Apache Mesos Hackathon at Sharethrough

Feb 19, 2014

Tobi Knaup


5 min read

We held a whole day Hackathon at Sharethrough on Valentines Day to give Mesos some love. The day started off with project founder Benjamin Hindman giving an update on new features, APIs and fixes that were added in the recent 0.16 release, and the 0.17 and 0.18 release candidates. These include improvements to the master detection code (MESOS-496), and the replicated log (MESOS-736). Click here to read the full 0.16 release notes.
A number of exciting projects got started at the Hackathon, and we made a number of improvements to Mesos and frameworks such as Marathon.
If you're interested in attending or hosting a Mesos meetup, join one of the Mesos user groups or start a new one in your area! Thanks again to the fine folks at Sharethrough for hosting.
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