Live from MesosCon: User and industry support for Apache Mesos

Aug 22, 2014



1 min read

The momentum was palpable at this year's inaugural MesosCon in Chicago. We caught up with Mesos users and industry players to capture their excitement for Mesos. Watch the video:
In this video you will hear from:
  • John Wilkes of Google
  • Gregory Chomatas of Hubspot
  • Brendan Matthews of Airbnb
  • Pablo Delgado and Caleb Tomlinson of OpenTable
  • Mohit Soni of eBay
  • Bill Farner of Twitter
  • Sharma Podila of Netflix
  • Sean McCullough of Groupon
Also, you can watch Ben Hindman talking about the current momentum of Apache Mesos.

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