Live from MesosCon: Ben Hindman and the momentum of Apache Mesos

Aug 22, 2014



4 min read

At this week's inaugural MesosCon event in Chicago, Apache Mesos co-creator Ben Hindman's morning keynote set the stage with a vision for Mesos as the better way to build and run distributed systems.
Here's a highlight reel of some of Ben's main points about Apache Mesos' momentum:
In this video, Ben discusses:
  • How everyone is writing distributed apps that no longer fit on a single box; they run across the entire datacenter. As Ben put it, "The datacenter is the new form factor."
  • The power of the Mesos primitives, which form the "kernel" for an operating system for the datacenter.
  • The progress of Mesos adoption. In the last year, Mesos has gone into full production with major institutions including companies like Airbnb, Twitter, HubSpot, OpenTable, Ebay, Netflix, and many others who were at MesosCon.
  • Momentum in the Mesos open source community. The community has released major new enhancements to Mesos, including a very prominent upgrade in v0.20 which makes Docker a first class citizen. Now you can launch Docker containers as easily as you can launch any other kind of application packaging on Mesos.
  • The Mesos roadmap, which includes increased security, such as framework authorization for enterprise users, optimistic resource allocation (similar to that described in the Google Omega paper), primitives for stateful applications, primitives for increased utilization, improvements for resource isolation, and API improvements.
Find out why many industry users support the Apache Mesos project and how they use the software in their datacenters in this user support video.

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