The future of datacenter architecture feat. Florian Leibert | D2iQ

Aug 15, 2014

Max Breuer


3 min read


A few weeks ago Mesosphere's CEO and Co-Founder Florian Leibert met with Maxta's CEO Yoram Novick and Andreessen Horowitz's Peter Levine to talk about the future of datacenter architecture. The team at Andreessen Horowitz recorded the session and produced this 20-minute podcast.

In this podcast, three industry experts elaborate on the evolution of the enterprise datacenter from statically-partitioned private facilities built from highly specialized hardware to highly elastic clouds built from commodity components. This evolutionary trend can be seen within bellwether technology companies, such as Google, Twitter and Airbnb, and is quickly being adopted by more "traditional" enterprises. In this new environment, sophisticated software like Mesosphere's technology becomes a very prominent and valuable part of the infrastructure and allows for automation, simplification and cost-reduction of the infrastructure. According to Florian and Yoram, the enterprise datacenter of the future will shift from on-prem, private facilities to hybrid models where workloads migrate seamlessly between private and public infrastructure, allowing for easy scaling and business flexibility. Over time, all infrastructure could move to the cloud.

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