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Join D2iQ: Top 4 All Day DevOps Reasons

Oct 08, 2021

Karen Sung


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All Day DevOps (ADDO)
October 28, 2021

The All Day DevOps (ADDO) Conference is back for the 6th year in a row and D2iQ is proud to sponsor and support this conference for the DevOps and cloud-native communities, starting at 3 AM ET on October 28, 2021. This virtual gathering will be attended by more than 25,000 DevOps professionals, with more than 180+speakers, and plenty of time for peer-to-peer insights and networking with professionals worldwide.

With an overwhelming amount of sessions, speakers, and tracks to choose from, we wanted to share our insights on the top four trends to look out for at this year’s online event. ‘Cause isn’t it nice to get the inside scoop? And don’t forget to mark your calendars and connect with D2iQ in advance.

DevOps is Here to Stay

DevOps, and DevSecOps, are here to stay. The DevOps approach isn’t a fad, it’s simply a better way to build software and is transforming application architectures as IT shops are striving to align technology and business value.

Today's focus on microservices and containerization has brought sweeping changes to the application lifecycle—from development, to integration, to testing, deployment, and operating. This also equates to tremendous growth in complexity, which means continuous learning within DevOps is a must for DevOps teams hoping to realize their business value of digital transformation to provide outstanding value and experiences. 

Six All Encompassing Topic Tracks Relevant to You

All Day DevOps divides sessions into six  tracks – CI/CD Continuous Everything, Cultural Transformation, DevSecOps, Modern Infrastructure, Site Reliability Engineering, and Government. Get inspired and learn what you need to stay ahead of the game from DevOps experts with a range of perspectives from all over the world. You will be sure to learn something new from these sessions that are focused on sharing, collaborating, and learning.

The conference will also feature keynotes from:
  • Demi Ajayi, Open Source Community Manager for Call for Code for Racial Justice at IBM
  • Daniel Krook, CTO, Call for Code at IBM
  • Liz Fong-Jones, Developer Advocate at Honeycomb 
  • Sina Bahram, Accessibility Evangelist and Founder at Prime Access Consulting

Diverse Content from the Global Industry’s Best and Brightest 

Keynotes from Daniel Krook and Demi Ajayi (IBM Call for Code), Sina Bahram (Prime Access Consulting/Accessibility Evangelist), and Liz Fong-Jones ( — with more to be announced. Along with 180 in-depth DevOps sessions from leading experts and brands, including Amazon Web Services, Eventbrite, IBM, Mastercard, Microsoft, Sonatype — as well as Max Werner our Senior Kubernetes Evangelist and Engineer here at D2iQ!

D2iQ’s Speaker Spotlight

Max Werner, Sr Kubernetes Evangelist & Engineer at D2iQ
Top Three Benefits of Using GitOps Driven Multi-Cluster Workload Management via Flux
Oct 28 at 6:00AM ET // 11:00 AM BST
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With Kubernetes becoming more and more popular every day, so is managing clusters at scale. Managing Kubernetes clusters the GitOps way via Flux you can manage thousands of clusters, each with dozens or even hundreds of nodes.

GitOps works by using Git as a single source of truth for declarative infrastructure and applications. For a Kubernetes cluster the Git repository hosts all resource manifests making up an application. Flux leverages this principle with a set of controllers watching one or more Git repositories for such manifests and automatically applies them. 

Join this session, to learn the benefits of managing Kubernetes clusters at scale, the GitOps way:
  • Creates a simplified way to declaratively define thousands of clusters and perform operations on those clusters, as you would the workloads on the clusters
  • Makes it easy to have a multi-tenancy approach where each team or group of applications gets their own cluster
  • Allows operations against clusters to be fully audited and attributable, simplifying the reversal of changes

Up next, you will also hear from D2iQ’s CEO, Tobi Knaup in an exclusive interview about the future of cloud native from an AI perspective.

Tobi Knaup, CEO at D2iQ
CEO Interview: The Future of Cloud Native From an AI Perspective
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Now that cloud-native is the new normal, it is essential organizations also become AI-driven businesses to continue operating faster, with more flexibility, and in real-time. According to Gartner, “Accepting cloud-native and a multi-cloud approach as the new normal means avoiding cloud vendor lock-in so that companies can deliver an above five 9s response rate (99.999%) to avoid downtime of services that cost millions.” 

During this interview, Tobi will share advice, common pitfalls, and best practices on the future of cloud-native when adopting AI, as well as where he sees the future of cloud-native going. 

Exclusive Resources, Blogs, and Videos

Check out the resources, blogs, and videos that offer informative assets, awesome career opportunities, and free playbacks of previous year’s conference sessions. The exclusive resources include topics relevant to your growth and learning in DevOps, DevSecOps, Open-Source, Cloud-Native, Digital Transformation, Oh My...

See the full program and speaker list at, and grab your free tickets today.

Meet Us There

All Day DevOps (ADDO)
October 28, 2021

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So, tell a friend, tell your colleagues, and mark your calendars to attend. Register for the virtual event, then connect with the community via Slack or across all social channels using #AllDayDevOps!

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