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for Kubernetes

Ksphere is designed for companies to successfully embrace Kubernetes, whether you're just beginning your journey or preparing for Day 2 operations.

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for Apache Mesos

Mesosphere is designed for large-scale production deployments. It’s powered by the DC/OS platform, which simplifies the full lifecycle, scale, and execution of a wide-range of cloud native applications and data services.

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for Data Analytics

Datasphere is for organizations that want to easily adopt a wide variety of cloud native data services, such as Kafka, Cassandra, and Spark to meet their unique application needs.


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Gain Flexibility Across Any Infrastructure

Run applications across any cloud, data center, or edge environment without the drain on resources, budget, and you.

Manage Operations With Ease

Reduce operational overhead and time-to-market—less hassle means more time to deliver what your customers want.

Ensure Rapid Technology Adoption and Scale

Embrace vetted, prevailing open-source and cloud native technologies that are uniquely suited for your needs.

Harness Premiere Domain Expertise

Leverage best-practice guidance and support across the full cloud native landscape, so you can work smarter, not harder.

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