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Jun 06, 2017

Sara E. Davila


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Today we are excited to build on the transformative power of our partnership with HPE by announcing the integration of Mesosphere DC/OS Enterprise with HPE Synergy.

By combining the composable power of HPE Synergy with the resource abstraction of Mesosphere DC/OS Enterprise, customers can easily scale their infrastructure just as they would with the public cloud.

The challenges of building modern applications

Customers looking to transform to Hybrid IT, are building advanced solutions using technologies and approaches such as containers, microservices, CI/CD (Jenkins) or data services such as Kafka, Cassandra, Spark. Traditional deployment process results in many infrastructure silos for each app, and the diversity of these technologies can make it hard to anticipate the demand from infrastructure resources until these applications are already live in production.

Once in production, the growth in demand can require the ability to quickly and easily add more resources. While the public cloud has provided the ability to add hardware resources to your application using a single command or API call, having a similar capability can be challenging in the private cloud, and can require customers to implement complex automation solutions to obtain a similar experience.

Well not any more.

The combined solution from Mesosphere DC/OS Enterprise and HPE Synergy allows the customer to build an unified platform that can accommodate technologies, such as containers, big data, and CI/CD pipelines. Customers can start with a small infrastructure footprint and, with a single cli command, quickly and easily add infrastructure resources to their Enterprise DC/OS clusters without disrupting operations or increasing administration overhead.

The solution includes three building blocks:

  1. Mesosphere DC/OS
  2. HPE Synergy platform
  3. HPE OneView-Universe app

Mesosphere DC/OS Enterprise

Mesosphere DC/OS Enterprise, built on Apache Mesos, provides a unified platform for a wide range of workloads from Docker container orchestration to big data (i.e SMACK stack) and machine learning. DC/OS technology has been production proven at scale for over six years, reducing infrastructure costs while maintaining security and isolation. DC/OS simplifies deployment, enables application portability, and automates the operations of data services. Mesosphere DC/OS Enterprise helps businesses accelerate time to market, ensure resilient applications, and save on cloud and infrastructure costs.

HPE Synergy Platform

HPE Synergy is the first platform architected from the ground up as a composable infrastructure. Through a single user interface, HPE Synergy composes compute, storage, and fabric pools into a configuration optimized for any application. 

HPE Synergy integrates the three key elements that define a composable infrastructure: fluid resource pools, software-defined intelligence, and a unified API compute, storage and fabric pools are provisioned together with their complete state of bios settings, firmware, drivers, protocols, and the operating system image using repeatable software defined templates, eliminating time-consuming provisioning processes across operational silos that often delay projects for weeks or months. 

HPE Synergy provides a single unified API that allows for configuration and reconfiguration of infrastructure, making it well suited for cloud and DevOps environments.

HPE OneView Universe App

The HPE OneView app in the DC/OS Universe provides native integration between HPE Synergy and Mesosphere DC/OS Enterprise. The app can be installed from the DC/OS Universe app catalog and includes a DC/OS CLI module that allows the customers to:

  • Verify that the HPE OneView service is live
  • Inquire about available capacity within HPE Synergy
  • Add or remove additional Master/agent nodes to your existing DC/OS Enterprise clusters
  • Inquire status on the addition/removal of nodes to/from clusters

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