Full Steam Ahead! D2iQ Konvoy 1.6 and D2iQ Kommander 1.2 are GA!

While there is quite a lot going on in this release and the best way to find out about all of it is to contact us, let’s look at some of the highlights

Nov 17, 2020

Andrew Atkinson


2 min read

The latest versions of Konvoy and Kommander are now available, continuing the rapid progress and relentless innovation that has characterized the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) from its inception. We are also updating our integrated GitOps capabilities, and streamlining their integration with DKP to improve both developer and operator experiences and remove friction from the development and deployment pipelines. We are now two releases beyond the product set that Forrester named a Strong Performer in their recent Multi-Cloud Container Development Platforms Forrester Wave™ report, so going from strong to stronger and stronger.
While there is quite a lot going on in this release and the best way to find out about all of it is to contact us, let’s look at some of the highlights:
For D2iQ Kommander, we have added the ability to quickly and easily deploy in air-gapped environments. This capability was already present in Konvoy; indeed, we have demonstrated it in some of the largest, most sensitive and secure networks in the world, doing in a day what some of our competitors had failed to do over a number of months. But air-gapped deployments are not only for high security environments; there are a lot of edge use cases where bandwidth is an issue and where having these capabilities is the difference between success and failure. We believe that this new capability in Kommander significantly enhances our market lead in rapidly getting customers to production with Kubernetes in air-gapped deployments by extending Kommander’s advanced governance capabilities to clusters that are beyond the reach of other control planes. 
Also in this version of D2iQ Kommander are some enhancements to our industry leading, integrated, real-time cost visibility features, support for Kubernetes 1.18, upgrade to Helm v.3, and support for RHEL 7.8 and 8.2.
For D2iQ Konvoy, the big story for this release is in the effort we have put into improving our documentation. A great product is more than just the product, so we are striving to make sure every aspect of our customers’ experience is as world class as the technology itself. Other things you might notice are some component upgrades, some useful functionality for operators (including teardown of unhealthy machines during provisioning, optional cleaning of local storage volumes, and improved diagnostic bundle information collection), and improved visibility in the release notes to what’s been fixed, so you can more easily see when issues you are most concerned about have been addressed.
Since we believe that cloud-native development should be done using cloud-native tools, we have made some major improvements to our GitOps capabilities. Industry leading open source tools, Tekton and ArgoCD, are now add-ons to D2iQ Konvoy, making it much simpler for developers to get started.  A completely revamped UI provides much broader visibility and control over continuous integration Pipeline runs as well as simplified access to logs.  This marks a major new release for the integrated GitOps capabilities, with many new features for improving the developer experience.
Look for our next release in a few months--no spoilers, but there is some really cool stuff coming. Stay tuned!

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