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Aug 07, 2019

Damien Duportal


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Konvoy provides a complete out-of-the-box experience of production-ready Kubernetes.

It is a tool for provisioning pure Kubernetes clusters, based on a set of Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and community-contributed components. This Kubernetes distribution provides a set of pre-installed components to get you started immediately. 


Traefik selected as Konvoy’s core ingress controller

We are delighted to announce Traefik, the popular open source cloud native edge router, integrates with Konvoy.

As you may already know, Traefik is a cloud-native dynamic reverse proxy that routes incoming requests to applications inside your platform. Created for the container era, Traefik is able to observe different cloud platforms such as Docker or Kubernetes and auto-configure itself, providing a best-of-breed administration experience.

This dynamic behavior makes Traefik a perfect candidate for a Kubernetes Ingress Controller: It’s lightweight, easy to use, supports HTTP/2, gRPC, webSockets and Let’s Encrypt out of the box, and is designed for dynamic environments. Read our “Kubernetes & Traefik 101— When Simplicity Matters” article to find out just how simple it is to use Traefik this way.

Konvoy brings the benefits and features of Traefik to everyone by not only installing Traefik for you, but also preconfiguring everything from HTTPS to integration with other add-ons such as metric collection. You need only specify the “Kubernetes Ingress Rules” when deploying your application, as in any Kubernetes cluster.

Konvoy configures Traefik out of the box to:

  • Visualize HTTP metrics in Grafana as soon as Konvoy is up, with Traefik reporting its metrics to Prometheus.
  • Show Traefik resource usage such as memory or CPU utilization.
  • Enable HTTP authentication based on Traefik Forward Authentication and Konvoy’s Identity Service “dex” so your applications can use this centralized single sign-on system.
  • Be in full “Operational Portal” integration mode, where Traefik’s dashboard UI is integrated in the same way as Grafana, Kibana or the Kubernetes dashboard, with full security.
  • Serve as a highly available system, with Konvoy deploying every component in a fault-tolerant way: Traefik is replicated, to ensure service continuity even when a machine goes down.


How D2iQ + Traefik work together

In a nutshell, Konvoy starts a new Kubernetes cluster with only a single step: Run the command line `konvoy up` on your administrative machine. Take a coffee or tea break, and voilà, you can start deploying your applications in a Kubernetes production-grade platform, where all components are deployed and preconfigured for you.

To unlock the full power of a highly available ingress controller, Traefik Enterprise Edition (TraefikEE) can be installed on Konvoy. TraefikEE allows the same integration in Konvoy’s components as Traefik, but with the additional support of distributed features (TraefikEE dashboard with clustered view and aggregated metrics, distributed Let’s Encrypt, global rate limiting and much more).

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