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Run Kubernetes in Production with Mesosphere DC/OS for automation and Portworx PX-Enterprise for storage

May 10, 2018

Sara E. Davila


4 min read

Kubernetes has become the defacto cluster and container management tool; providing a vendor-agnostic platform for automating the deployment, scaling, and operations of Docker containers across clusters of hosts. However, Kubernetes is also known for it's a laborious install process and lack enterprise grade storage features. That's why Mesosphere has teamed up with Portworx, to continue their partnership, and offer the market a solution to automate Kubernetes and provide the enterprise grade storage features customers need.
Let's take a look at how Mesosphere DC/OS simplifies installation and Portworx provides enterprise storage capabilities for Kubernetes.
Why Kubernetes on DC/OS?
DC/OS manages many stages of a Kubernetes cluster, for example distilling 21 individual steps of a DIY installation into a single CLI command.
The benefits of this type of automation mean that organizations now have the ability to take advantage of:
  • Single Click HA Automation – Deploy, scale, upgrade, and manage with a push of a button or single command.
  • Google, AWS, and Azure Infrastructures – Mesosphere partnered with Google, worked with AWS, and made it available in Azure to make sure anyone can easily deploy Kubernetes and its cloud native ecosystem in hybrid and edge computing environments.
  • Enhanced Security – Possible security holes opened up from inexperienced Kubernetes administrators, like the unsecured administrative console recently used as vector for malware, are locked down by default on a secured DC/OS cluster.
  • Evergreen Availability – With this release, we are tracking to the newest release of Kubernetes, and the releases will remain evergreen by adding future Kubernetes releases to the DC/OS Service Catalog soon after they become generally available.
Simply put, DC/OS makes it easy create and scale pure play Kubernetes, data services, and OSS components anywhere, install/upgrade/patch every component of the solution stack (data, K8s, CI/CDs and ML), choose components and manage resources.
DC/OS 1.11 improved Kubernetes support and added many of the features that make Kubernetes ready for production use.
But what about storage?
Kubernetes provides the ability to interact with storage resources like persistent volumes but does not itself provide the persistence that applications like databases, big and fast data applications, and machine learning require. Additionally, in order to trust Kubernetes with one of the most critical parts of the application stack, enterprises need high availability, backup and recovery, snapshots and cloning, and encryption.
Portworx provides all of this, plus:
  • Portworx is 100% Cloud Native
  • Portworx was built from the ground up for container workloads. Everything in Portworx is container-granular, everything configurable via API and CLI
  • Portworx has the most production experience in container storage
  • Portworx is used in production by some of the world's most sophisticated container users such as GE, Verizon, NIO (self-driving cars) and more
  • Scales to 1000 nodes
  • Portworx is deeply integrated with Kubernetes
  • Install and use all Portworx features directly via Kubectl
  • Application awareness to overcome k8s scheduling issues
Powerful Collaboration
Mesosphere and Portworx have a strong partnership that enables customers to easily deploy containers and fast data services. The two companies recently entered into a reseller agreement. Running Kubernetes on DC/OS combined with Portworx PX-Enterprise enables customers to deploy and run data-intensive applications in a fully automated, DevOps friendly manner.

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