Upping Our Game

Feb 08, 2017

Florian Leibert


4 min read

We are incredibly proud of the last year here at Mesosphere; our revenue more than doubled, we grew to over 200 employees, surpassed 100 enterprise customers, and raised $73.5 million in Series C funding led by Hewlett Packard with involvement from Microsoft. Our rapid growth was driven by market factors we all know well – the continued explosion of cloud computing, big data, microservices, and containerization. 
We now count four of the top 10 banks in North America, three of the top five cable providers, and three of the 10 largest telcos as customers. I'm excited to kick off 2017 with two big announcements: a new partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and several executive appointments.
HPE Reseller Agreement
Yesterday, HPE announced a global reseller agreement with us to help customers transform and modernize their data centers with hybrid IT solutions that span traditional infrastructure, private, public, and managed cloud services. This agreement is a large vote of confidence for Mesosphere from HPE, and we're eager to grow our relationship together. With this agreement, customers can expect to achieve:
  • Deployment. Modern applications, particularly big data services and containers, can be a struggle to deploy and manage. Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS simplifies the deployment process for applications like Apache Spark and Apache Cassandra to almost a single command line.
  • Management. This can also consume valuable IT resources, but Mesosphere DC/OS makes a myriad of disparate applications and systems look like a single pane of glass. Not to mention, the wonderful ability to pool compute resources and consolidate those disparate applications on a smaller set of servers consuming less electricity. Of course, the ability to manage all those applications both inside private data centers as well as in a public cloud makes migrating containers a seamless operation.
  • Scale. Scaling out and adding more compute resources is also simplified through Mesosphere DC/OS. Leveraging the same simplified deployment process, DC/OS adds new applications and resources smoothly and simply.
  • Self-healing Infrastructure. Finally, as data centers begin using servers more like cattle and less like pets, DC/OS has fail-over capabilities that get the applications up and running again quickly in case of node or workload failure.
Meet the new execs
In addition to the agreement with HPE, I'm pleased to introduce three new team members to our executive bench:
  • Ann M. Livermore, board of directors. Livermore was named one of America's leading businesswomen by Fortune and Forbes, and has served as an executive vice president at Hewlett-Packard. From 2004 to 2011, Livermore led the HP Enterprise business unit and was involved with building solutions to help HP customers manage and transform their technology environments. She currently serves on the boards for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Qualcomm and UPS.
  • Peter Guagenti, CMO. Guagenti brings more than 20 years of senior management experience with broad knowledge of marketing. Prior to Mesosphere, he helped scale two other successful open source companies: Acquia, which provides commercial support, services and cloud infrastructure for the popular open source web experience development tool Drupal; and NGINX, which powers more than half of the world's most popular web applications. He has also worked as a consultant for Accenture and Capgemini.
  • Yrieix Garnier, Vice President for Products. Garnier has nearly 20 years of industry experience and comes to Mesosphere from Tintri, a developer of enterprise cloud products. Previously, while at Hewlett Packard, he led projects to transform and modernize the product line to support HP Cloud initiatives. Garnier has also worked as a consultant for IBM Global Services, focused on J2EE Web-based enterprise applications.
This group brings exciting new skills and perspective and complements an already strong core leadership team. We're upping our game with experienced leadership and great products, and positioning the company to scale. Keep reading our blog to find out more about where Mesosphere is headed. For more information about the new executives, see here and here.
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