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The Convergence of Cloud Native and IoT Innovations

Nov 04, 2019

Bradon Rogers


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As organizations look to create new monetization streams and greater efficiencies in existing ones, many are turning to digital transformation efforts leveraging a wide array of cloud native resources to gain an innovative edge. Many are finding unique value using a myriad of connected devices (IoT) in industries such as retail, manufacturing, automotive, energy, and public sector. To accelerate innovation across IoT usage, cloud native technologies are delivering tremendous promise as organizations look to gain real-time insights into their customers, processes, and data.  
At the center of these digital transformation efforts is Kubernetes, which has quickly become the de-facto standard for application orchestration within many IT organizations. By leveraging Kubernetes within IoT initiatives, organizations are able to deliver a unified operational strategy across on-premises IoT/OT and public/private cloud architectures. This ensures that compute resources can be deployed where they make the most sense, even into smaller connected IoT devices when needed. Further, customer and market demands often require these IoT resources to rapidly evolve with new capabilities. Kubernetes can allow DevOps teams to rapidly test and deliver new services within these IoT environments without service interruptions caused by traditional IT processes and technologies. And lastly, as these IoT devices produce massive volumes of valuable data (outside of traditional data centers or clouds), it is critical to leverage data analytics closer to the edge in order to gain real-time insight to deliver instant decision-making power at massive scale.  
D2iQ is proud of the leadership role we are playing to empower IoT initiatives within some of the largest organizations in the world. Through the delivery of our Ksphere portfolio of Kubernetes capabilities, D2iQ is providing a unique set of cloud native capabilities to ensure that an organization can gain rapid time-to-market without the overhead of managing the deep complexities of the cloud native landscape, which can introduce months or even years to the effort of standing up a new IoT initiative. The core technology offerings of Ksphere come in four key areas:
  • Kommander ensures federated management and software governance of Kubernetes clusters across a wide organizational footprint, including use cases for IoT devices and edge service deployments.
  • Konvoy is D2iQ’s unique Kubernetes distribution engineered with core capabilities to significantly speed the time-to-market of new applications and to meet the architectural and security requirements uniquely found within IoT initiatives, such as air-gapped management, lightweight stateful data service integration, and networking optimization for meeting unique IoT configuration needs.
  • KUDO is an open source project created by D2iQ to provide a universal declarative framework for deploying stateful data services within IoT initiatives using Kubernetes operators. As a part of the delivery of KUDO, D2iQ has initially begun to deliver Kubernetes operators and support for data services such as Kafka, Spark, and Cassandra.
  • Dispatch is D2iQ’s integrated framework for empowering developers to rapidly move new application resources into production via Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).
In addition to the offerings within Ksphere, we are also proud to deliver partnerships with leading IoT device manufacturers to ensure a seamless experience in provisioning and leveraging Kubernetes and associated data services within these IoT environments.  
As the industry’s leading provider of cloud native computing capabilities, it is D2iQ’s mission to ensure that the innovative power of this landscape can be brought to the most critical IoT initiatives in the world. To learn more about Ksphere and its offerings, please visit us at                            

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