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Secure Your Cloud-Native Applications with D2iQ + Aqua

Sep 14, 2022

Manish Kumar


D2iQ + Aqua

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Learn more about D2iQ's partnership with Aqua Security by reading this solution brief.
As businesses embrace cloud-native application development as a basis for modernization, the shift creates significant security challenges. D2iQ has partnered with Aqua Security to enable organizations to create a seamless DevSecOps experience that accelerates the deployment of secure smart cloud-native applications to prevent and foil cloud-native cyber attacks. 

With Aqua on DKP, organizations can automate and streamline DevSecOps to detect and reduce risk, enhance workload management, align security with regulatory requirements, and accelerate time to market. 

Problematic Security Approaches

Cloud-native deployments typically involve combining a microservices-based architecture assembled in DevOps environments, deployed into a cloud infrastructure orchestrated at runtime using Kubernetes, and maintained with an immutable infrastructure mindset. In these cloud-native environments, security needs to be integrated seamlessly within DevOps development and deployment operations. 

Many organizations are implementing a DevSecOps pipeline manually to secure cloud-native apps, stitching together DevSecOps with 10 or more disparate security tools, some old and some new. This approach is problematic for several reasons. Stitching disparate security tools from different vendors creates silos of responsibility and disconnected views of application risks. Using different tools results in operational inefficiencies, weak governance, disjointed management, and incomplete visibility into risks. In addition, manual integration of these tools in DevSecOps can cause huge security blind spots in dynamic environments.

Cloud-native applications require a more convenient and effective way to security. Rather than treating the development and runtime as separate problems, enterprises should treat security and compliance as a continuous process across development and operations and consolidate tools where possible.

Shoring Up Security with DKP + Aqua

Aqua’s Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) deployed on the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) provides a full-stack security solution for the enterprises, enabling developers to integrate vulnerability, misconfiguration, and threat risk scanning capabilities directly into development pipelines and tooling. Security teams can collaborate more effectively with DevOps by identifying where the risks are the most urgent based on accurate findings and environmental context, such as containers running in production with a high severity available exploit. 

The joint D2iQ and Aqua solution enhances the security of containerized workloads, facilitating faster and more secure development and release cycles by focusing on the most urgent risk remediation priorities, and enabling a mature DevSecOps approach through Kubernetes assurance policies, role-based access controls and accurate threat detection across the cloud native environment. 

Aqua CNAPP deployed on DKP extends the security layer for protecting cloud-native applications in development and at runtime. Benefits include:

  • Improved and Consolidated Observability and Risk Insights. Aqua deployed on DKP consolidates visibility within a single customizable dashboard, enabling users to view security risk metrics of all workloads and environments and help users gain clear actionable insights relevant to the team.
  • Reduced Complexity and Risk. DKP automates many of the manual operational tasks for continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) management, including Kubernetes cluster management and posture management. This can reduce the chance of misconfiguration, mistakes, and mismanagement of cloud-native applications. Aqua CNAPP helps reduce the number of security tools and vendors involved in CI/CD pipeline, which can reduce complexity and associated risk. In addition, it can minimize the Kubernetes attack surface, prevent administrative errors through enforcement of configuration and run-time assurance policies, and enable security and compliance teams to enforce policy-driven security configuration and governance. 
  • Shift-Left and Mature DevSecOps. Aqua provides a full-stack security solution for enterprises using DKP, enabling developers to integrate vulnerability, misconfiguration, and threat risk scanning capabilities directly into development pipelines and tooling. Aqua extends DKP’s native security capabilities to protect application workloads in real time, by enforcing container immutability, behavioral policies, and advanced attack detection intelligence.

Optimal security of cloud-native applications requires an integrated set of security and compliance capabilities that start in development and extend to runtime environments. With Aqua on DKP, organizations can automate and simplify DevSecOps to reduce risk, enhance workload management, and ultimately stop cloud-native attacks. 
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