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Simplified deployment and management of Kubernetes

Sep 19, 2018

Chris Gaun


1 min read


We all know more and more companies are running a variety of distributed systems applications, like Hadoop, Spark and Kubernetes. What's great about that is you can run those applications in almost any environment you choose; on-prem, with VMs or in the cloud.


But what if you want to run those same apps in a hybrid environment? Setting up a hybrid or multi cloud environment can be a challenging; multiple environments to manage - more unknowns to consider - more risks to factor.


But what if you took the complexity out of resource management? And instead you were able to easily spin up an application with an orchestration tool that standardized the provisioning and the setup of the underlying infrastructure?


Well, if you could do that, I'd say, you've taken those unknowns and risks down closer to zero.


We've teamed up with Software Engineering Daily and Chris Gaun to bring you a podcast on how Mesosphere has simplified the deployment and management of applications, like Kubernetes, and made it easy to orchestrate your apps and infrastructure. 


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