New security features and more in Mesosphere DCOS 1.3

Nov 17, 2015

Tarak Parekh


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We are excited to announce that version 1.3 of the Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System (DCOS) is now generally available. The new release features a long list of new features, including some important ones around security.
What's new
Security and governance (Enterprise Edition-only)
  1. SSL support. DCOS web interface, API and CLI operations can be encrypted for greatly improved security.
  2. Multi-user file-based authentication is now available for the DCOS web interface, API and CLI.
  3. Basic role-based access control has been implemented, allowing for more fine-grained security for access to each DCOS service.
Mesos 0.24.1 includes some backported patches from 0.25 to improve the performance of large port ranges (MESOS-3051), improved systemd cgroups interaction (MESOS-3425) and a workaround for MESOS-3553 (we will switch to the official patch when it is done).
Marathon version 0.11.1 allows you to create Docker apps from the UI, edit running applications from the UI, compare your application statistics across deployments and access debugging information more easily.
Enhanced and streamlined shell-based installer (Enterprise Edition-only).
Numerous improvements to the DCOS web interface node and service panels, including new node and service panels in the DCOS web interface. They allow users to:
  1. Search for individual tasks.
  2. Sort tasks by timestamp, state, CPU usage or memory usage.
  3. See the health status of all tasks and detailed health information for individual tasks.
[caption id="attachment_3630" align="aligncenter" width="800"]
 Monitoring the health of a Marathon task with DCOS.[/caption]
Read all about how to get started with the Mesosphere DCOS and version 1.3 in the following places:
And be sure to join our public Slack community channel, where you can ask questions and interact with our engineers and product team.

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