Watch Mesos users unite on killer apps for the datacenter

May 12, 2015



3 min read

A lot has been written over the past couple years about the rise of datacenter-scale applications, but only now could one really say that the process of building them is being democratized.
Mesosphere likes to think it's playing a big role in this transition by providing the glue that holds together any number of necessary pieces, which have heretofore been available largely as disparate open source projects. For some more background on how we got here, check out my recent posts on TechCrunch, SCALE and here.
However, we're not alone in this effort. We have benefited greatly from the dedication of the communities contributing to projects such as Hadoop, Cassandra and Docker, as well as from the hard work of the companies trying to commercialize these technologies or developing their own advances in-house.
In fact, Mesosphere hosted a HackWeek in March during which dozens of developers and engineers from around the Apache Mesos community got together to talk about their work and to show what's possible when the people in this space work together. The event generated a lot of excitement and, more importantly, lots of good ideas that should eventually result in better Mesos and Mesosphere experiences.
Watch the video below to get our thoughts on the HackWeek and what we were trying to accomplish with it. Then stay tuned to this blog over the next few weeks to see new videos explaining how Mesos integrates with everything from Kafka to Kubernetes.

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