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[DevOps Checklist] ZooKeeper delight

May 10, 2015

Michael Hausenblas


Welcome to a new format called DevOps Checklist where Mesosphere engineers provide useful tips and tricks around Apache Mesos, Marathon, Chronos, Kubernetes, Docker and related technologies in the realm of the DCOS, the Datacenter Operating System. I will try to interview an engineer every week and will ask about their pet peeves, their experiences with ecosystem components and best practices with running stuff at scale. You can shape the whole thing by providing feedback (see also bottom of this post). But now, without further ado …


In this first episode, we start with field engineer Brenden Matthews who joined us from Airbnb and who shares his ZooKeeper experiences with us as well as he provides some good practices around its usage:



Are you interested in certain topics? Do you want hear your favorite Mesosphere engineer speak? Let me know …

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