Marathon v0.4.0 for Apache Mesos released

Jan 24, 2014

Connor Doyle


5 min read

Version 0.4.0 of Marathon features a new, more RESTful API. This makes it easier for developers and ops engineers to write scripts that use Marathon to automate the application lifecycle.
Download Marathon v0.4.0
An archive of the release is available on our site: marathon-0.4.0.tgz
What's new
This release adds more flexibility to modify an application's parameters, building on the previous scale functionality. In addition to updating the number of instances, users of the new API can reconfigure any application setting for use in subsequent tasks.
The new API also provides deeper visibility into currently running tasks by exposing when they were staged and started. Another important addition is the ability to pass additional options to the container. Mesosphere plans to use this to provide richer integration with Marathon for tools like Docker.
Of what use is a new API without proper documentation? Comprehensive REST docs are now available on GitHub. Furthermore, Marathon now ships with a new /help endpoint providing linked online help detailing the usage of both the V1 and V2 APIs.
New Online Help
Last but not least, the Marathon web UI has been migrated to the new REST API, and now enables users to kill individual tasks at the click of a button.
Manage Tasks with Marathon
Release Contributors
Thanks to the committers who contributed to this release!
Interested in Contributing?
Mesosphere loves open source. For a gentle introduction to Marathon, try tackling an issue tagged with the "good first bug" label and send us a pull request!

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