Marathon v0.3.0 for Apache Mesos Released

Jan 08, 2014

Ross Allen


1 min read

Version 0.3.0 of Marathon for Apache Mesos is focused around updates to its UI. No Marathon APIs were changed, but the UI got lots of exciting improvements that make this release worth checking out.
Download Marathon v0.3.0
An archive of the release is available on our site: marathon-0.3.0.tgz
What's new
  • UI lists Apps as a table with sortable columns
  • Clicking an App displays that App's Tasks
  • UI polls the Marathon status every 10 seconds and updates accordingly
Marathon's UI became difficult to read once the number of Apps grew beyond just a few, and so in version 0.3.0 we moved to a familiar table layout with clickable Apps. Clicking an App fetches that App's Tasks and displays their information in a modal. This gives access to Marathon task data that was previously not exposed in the UI.
Backbone.View Replaced with React JS
Facebook's React JS library makes rendering state in UIs straightforward, and so we decided to replace Backbone's View with React Components in this release. We have found React to be easy to understand and less prone to odd DOM states that are difficult to debug in other libraries.
Bugs Fixed
Release Contributors
Interested in Contributing?
Mesosphere loves open source. We started adding the "good first bug" label to issues that would be good introductions to the Marathon codebase. If you solve one of them, just send us a pull request on GitHub.

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