Kubernetes on Mesosphere DC/OS now certified by CNCF

For more than five years, DC/OS has enabled some of the largest, most sophisticated enterprises in the world to achieve unparalleled levels of efficiency, reliability, and scalability from their IT infrastructure. But now it is time to pass the torch to a new generation of technology: the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP). Why? Kubernetes has now achieved a level of capability that only DC/OS could formerly provide and is now evolving and improving far faster (as is true of its supporting ecosystem). That’s why we have chosen to sunset DC/OS, with an end-of-life date of October 31, 2021. With DKP, our customers get the same benefits provided by DC/OS and more, as well as access to the most impressive pace of innovation the technology world has ever seen. This was not an easy decision to make, but we are dedicated to enabling our customers to accelerate their digital transformations, so they can increase the velocity and responsiveness of their organizations to an ever-more challenging future. And the best way to do that right now is with DKP.

Nov 13, 2017

Nick Leli


Editor's note - This blog post reflects our Kubernetes efforts in 2017. To learn more about Kubernetes on DC/OS, see Kubernetes-as-a-Service Now Available in DC/OS 1.11.


We are very excited to announce that Kubernetes on Mesosphere DC/OS has been accepted as a Certified Kubernetes distribution by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).


From the beginning of Mesosphere's quest to offer Kubernetes on DC/OS, our goal was to offer 100% upstream Kubernetes, that is easy to deploy and operate, running alongside data services, on any bare metal, virtual or public infrastructure.


As we embarked on that journey, the upstream conformance tests were our guiding light to ensure we were providing a consistent Kubernetes experience for our customers so that they can confidently run Kubernetes on DC/OS anywhere and easily leverage the great community tools and resources.  


What is a Certified Kubernetes Conformance test and why does it matter?

The Kubernetes Software Conformance Program is an important step towards accelerating the momentum for Kubernetes adoption. Certified Kubernetes provides organizations with the confidence that when they use a certified Kubernetes product, they can rely on a high level of common functionality. The program also includes strong guarantees that commercial providers of Kubernetes will continue to release new versions to ensure that customers can take advantage of the rapid pace of ongoing development.
Certified Kubernetes


The Kubernetes Testing and Architecture Special Interest Groups (SIGs) defines the guidelines, process and the tools for certification. Vendors follow these guidelines, test their own kubernetes distribution, and submit the results to the CNCF for review. CNCF formally certifies compliant platforms, and once certified, vendors can use the certified Kubernetes logo on their materials. The guidelines can change with each Kubernetes release to accommodate the new enhancements and features.


For more information about Kubernetes on DC/OS

To learn more about Kubernetes on DC/OS, check out our Kubernetes on DC/OS Quick Start Guide and read this blog post.

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