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D2iQ Kaptain 1.0 Gets a Promotion to 1.1

Jun 23, 2021

Andrew Atkinson


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We are pleased to announce the general availability of D2iQ Kaptain 1.1, the new version of our end-to-end platform for Machine Learning on Kubernetes.
D2iQ Kaptain 1.1 builds on the Four Awesome Things from Kaptain 1.0: 
  1. It is built for success, using an integrated, opinionated subset of the Kubeflow project and adding necessary supporting elements such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and MXNet and out-of-the-box GPU support
  2. It is notebooks first, to ensure ease-of-use for data scientists--no need for context-switching to get things done; everything can be done from within Jupyter and the Kaptain SDK enables data scientists to make use of entire (not downsampled) datasets and shared GPUs
  3. It is fast, enabling ML projects to go from prototype to production in minutes, not months with seamless, friction-free deployment
  4. It takes advantage of the inherent scalability of Kubernetes, with reliable, robust, and autoscaling model deployments as well elastic production infrastructure for training, tuning, and deploying models
And adds a fifth thing:

     5. Actually, several things, all adding up to superior enterprise grade capabilities.
What are these new things and why should you care?
First, you can now upgrade your Kaptain clusters non-destructively. That is, you can carry out an upgrade on a running cluster without disrupting your workloads—or the projects you are working on. This will be a very helpful feature going forward, as we continue to innovate and advance Kaptain’s capabilities.
Second, we have reduced operational complexity by consolidating the multiple MySQL databases in Kubeflow into a single database to minimize administrative effort and reduce friction.
Finally, we have added high availability features to the MySQL and MinIO databases used by the product, to ensure Day 2 readiness and enterprise grade robustness.
All of this together means that D2iQ Kaptain is even better prepared to get your business-critical ML projects into production and generating benefits for your organization.

To find out more about D2iQ Kaptain, check out our website or the amusing but informative use case story in two parts,  AI Chihuahua! Part I and AI Chihuahua! Part II

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