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Automated, Integrated and Secure Deployment

Shorten the onboarding process and deploy ML tools to on-prem, hybrid, or air-gapped Kubernetes infrastructures, configured with popular packages such as Spark and Horovod.

Enterprise Grade Operational Freedom

Experience fewer interruptions and better productivity with full lifecycle management and enterprise grade support, including upgrades and updates.

Accelerated Enterprise Scale Model Deployment

Leverage an elastic pool of compute resources to accelerate deep learning model training at a much lower cost, and deliver value for the business faster.

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How VP/Director of AI/ML Benefit

Empower your team with an end-to-end ML platform that integrates enterprise-ready Kubeflow with other popular ML tools making portability, scaling, and deploying of your ML models easier. Kaptain dramatically reduces the time required for you to realize the full return of your AI investment.
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How ML Engineers Benefit

Deploy and train ML models at scale, all on a single Kubeflow platform, integrated with Horovod and Spark frameworks for distributed training. With Kubeflow Pipelines, you can automate ML workflows so you can have more time to work on new models and tasks.
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How Data Scientists Benefit

Instant access to a comprehensive ML toolkit, including Jupyter Notebooks, that are pre-installed with popular and powerful frameworks, tools and libraries. Rapidly iterate through new data sets to answer business questions. Quickly transition from local training to multi-core training to distributed training from a single notebook with minimal friction, so you can verify your hypothesis and model accuracy faster.

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive toolkit to support end-to-end ML projects

Production-quality Kubeflow, integrated with other popular ML frameworks, shorten the onboarding process of new users and ML projects.

Enterprise security and multi-tenancy

End-to-end secure enterprise-grade ML platform integrated with Konvoy’s multi-tenancy, authentication, and identity services to run entire ML pipelines securely and efficiently.

ML pipeline automation and portability

Automation platform with built-in lifecycle management and operational expertise to achieve greater productivity and reproducibility.

Access Your Applications

Dynamically distribute model training jobs to run at scale across a large set of resources, thereby optimizing the cost and performance efficiently.

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