3 Steps to De-Risk Your Day 2 Operations

Oct 21, 2019

Alex Hisaka


2 min read

In a complex IT landscape that is changing rapidly and growing each day, enterprise companies are responding to the all-encompassing pressure to adopt new technologies. 
What complicates the situation further is the issue of risk. Enterprise companies want the benefits of new technologies, such as faster deployment and time-to-market, but they are aware of the risk of performance and stability issues typically associated with such technological transitions.
These risks multiply once applications are ready to scale and move beyond Day 1 implementation to Day 2 operations. The reality is, if your revenue and productivity is powered by cloud native applications, risk is not an acceptable option for most enterprise organizations.
To minimize risk, dodge the typical pitfalls, and be successful with your cloud native transition, you need a framework for an intelligent strategy that goes way beyond Day 1. D2iQ has developed a proven track record for enabling cloud native transformations, and in this ebook we take away the Day 2 guesswork by providing you with a 3-pronged blueprint for future-proofing your deployments for the long-term. 
By making the three moves outlined in this ebook, your organization will be able to fully embrace prevailing open source and cloud native innovations while realizing smarter Day 2 operations. In this ebook, you’ll learn the importance of:
  • Thinking long-term by designing with Day 2 in mind
  • Shifting your mindset from understanding newer technology to understanding processes
  • Identifying your organization’s unique production requirements
Learn how to succeed at cloud native and improve your business strategy by downloading "3 Steps to De-Risk Your Day 2 Operations".

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