Upcoming DC/OS Release Dates

Sep 30, 2016

Thomas Rampelberg


1 min read

We have some updates on the current estimated dates for DC/OS releases. All the dates are tentative, but in the interest of transparency and coordination we wanted to let you know about them anyway. The 1.10 dates are especially fuzzy and will get more defined as the release gets closer.
For all of these releases, we will do our best to alert everyone about changes 2 weeks in advance, or as soon as we know about changes (if we have less than 2 weeks notice).
DC/OS 1.8.5 (lots of bug fixes):
  • Next communication update: 10/10
  • Preliminary Testing: 10/10
  • Release: 10/13
DC/OS 1.9 (pods):
  • Preliminary Testing for EA: 10/17
  • EA: 10/20
  • Preliminary Testing for GA: 11/04
  • GA: 11/11
DC/OS 1.10:
  • EA: 12/15
  • GA: 1/30
Revised dates as of 11/05/2016
The plan for pods included a lot of work, and because we'd like to focus on stability and maturity when cutting major releases we've decided to roll that work into into the planned 1.10 release, and call the combined release 1.9 instead.
New estimated dates are as follows:
  • 1.9 release candidate - 12/15/2016
  • 1.9 general availability - 1/26/2017
We would love for anyone interested to get involved in preliminary release testing! If you would like to participate just keep an eye on this mailing list. We'll be sending out more details about it as our testing dates approach.
Feel free to get in touch with questions! We're on the users mailing list and slack all the time.

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