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Top Four Trends to Watch Out For at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2021

Aug 30, 2021

Karen Sung


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+ CloudNativeCon 2021

OCT 13-15, 2021
Los Angeles, CA
LA Convention Center

Meet us at KubeCon!
Live events are (finally) back and the D2iQ team is so excited to head to Los Angeles to attend KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, which is back for a hybrid version of their event.

The Cloud Native Computer Foundation’s flagship conference is right around the corner on October 13-15. KubeCon + CloudNativeCon bring together adopters and technologies from leading open-source and cloud communities around the nation to network and learn more about cloud-native computing. 
Gartner predicts that by 2022, more than 75% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production, up from less than 30% today. Read the full report here.
With such a large subset of organizations moving to run containerized applications in production, D2iQ was destined to be a part of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon. This year, we will be joining over 5,000 attendees to showcase how D2iQ is a leading independent platform for enterprise Kubernetes, which enables enterprises to get to production faster with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Did you hear? Kubernetes is a superpower!

“Today’s enterprises are pushing forward with their digital transformation initiatives to meet customer and market demand. The latest CNCF survey reports that 91% of companies are running Kubernetes and 81% of those companies are running Kubernetes in production. That’s up from 58% in 2018, and the numbers continue to ramp up quickly.” Read the full article here.
Kubernetes has undoubtedly become a popular method to organize containers. By following certain Kubernetes best practices, you can ensure its adoption truly expedites container deployment. Kubernetes is also the fastest open-source project in the world and the one with the most developers after Linux, making it a superpower and the direction of our future for the modern world’s apps.
As KubeCon + CloudNativeCon quickly approaches with hundreds of keynotes, tracks, and types of content to choose from, we wanted to share four top trends to be on the lookout for. Hopefully this will help make your experience at this year’s event even more valuable. Check out our top four trends to watch out for below!

Air-Gaps and Security Infrastructure

“Air gapping networks is probably one of the most effective controls (not fail-proof, however; think Stuxnet, for example) to protect highly sensitive systems.” (Gartner Analyst, Augusto Barros)
However, getting Kubernetes to work in an air-gapped environment is incredibly complex because they have infrastructure restrictions that limit their ability to effectively deploy and operate. Building an isolated Kubernetes environment starts with and requires additional infrastructure and dependency planning to implement successfully. 
Not to miss, are many sessions that will help inform enterprises how they can speed up delivery without sacrificing security or compliance to delivery consistent, resilient, and secure cloud-native technologies.

IoT and Edge Computing

Kubernetes is at the edge. Which is why it makes it ideal for edge computing scenarios which often requires IoT solutions to have the ability to quickly deploy new features and updates to meet customer and market demands. 
“Gartner expects more than 15 billion IoT devices will connect to the enterprise infrastructure by 2029.” With billions of new devices expected to flood the market over the next few years, it’s important to understand the significance of IoT and edge computing.
In an ever-changing digital landscape, enterprises need to be resilient and adapt. “By segmenting or isolating devices, enterprises will be less vulnerable to cyberattacks. In fact, through 2023, enterprises that do so will experience 25% fewer successful cyberattacks.” That’s why “it’s imperative that enterprises prioritize a distributed cloud-based solution as the default and future-proof edge solutions by relying on partnerships and ecosystems over a single-vendor approach.” (Gartner Predicts the Future of Cloud and Edge Infrastructure
There are plenty of sessions to choose from to learn more about how your mission-critical IoT solutions can be kept up-to-date with no impact to the end users!

AI and Machine Learning

"AI and machine learning (ML) is going to be the most impactful technological advance that we're going to see in our lifetime," said Diego Oppenheimer, CEO of Algorithmia in a TechRepublic article. As AI and machine learning (ML) are becoming increasingly important in our lives and being applied in different forms to a range of business challenges, it’s vital we stay ahead of the curve. This year lookout for sessions to learn more about how Kubernetes for AI and ML can address many of the challenges that AI and ML models have from idea inceptions to being fully functional in the real-world.

Hybrid & Multi-cloud

"By 2021, over 75% of midsize and large organizations will have adopted a multi-cloud and/or hybrid IT strategy." Gartner Predicts

As the trend for organizations to adopt hybrid and multi-cloud strategies continues to increase, the importance of Kubernetes to achieve application portability for developer productivity and to help achieve business innovation should be top of mind. With so many competitive advantages of hybrid and multi-cloud environments, there is also the other side of the coin where these ecosystems can be complex and challenging to manage. Fear not, you will find many sessions at KubeCon that can you navigate these challenges.

Containers are the go-to method for building modern apps.

“The container management market is estimated at approximately $300 million and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 34% to cross $1 billion by 2025”, says Gartner. Get the full report here.

Ready to learn more? Meet us at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon!

Interested in meeting us at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon to learn more about how your enterprise can benefit from a differentiated approach to Enterprise-Grade Kubernetes? Check out some ways you can spot us there AND score 20% off an in-person pass OR a FREE ($75 value) virtual pass! 
Looking forward to meeting you there!
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