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The Top Public Sector Consideration for 2022: Kubernetes Adoption

Feb 07, 2022

Karen Sung


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Kubernetes Adoption For The Public Sector

Kubernetes is one of the most popular platforms for managing and deploying applications built on microservices and containers. For the public sector, deploying pure upstream Kubernetes in offline, air-gapped environments can be a big challenge – especially when you’re dealing with strict security controls and limited bandwidth, processes, and resources to ramp up quickly. When projects take months instead of hours to get into production, you can’t set the department for mission success. So how can you quickly and easily deploy Kubernetes in nuanced environments? Read our case study about the U.S. Air Force to learn how they successfully adopted pure upstream Kubernetes in the public sector. 

The Future is Now

In the 2021 Kubernetes in the Enterprise Annual Report, Vanson Bourne found only 42% of applications on Kubernetes successfully make it to production. This is just one of many examples that prove that without the right technology and expertise, complexity challenges will kill Kubernetes deployments in Day 2 production environments. Enterprises need to engage a technology partner that can simplify deployments, bolster security requirements, and ensure continuity. Read the full report here.

Does all of this sound familiar?

If you are interested in a trusted partner that can help you adapt your processes, demonstrate fully automated deployments, and ensure operational continuity, come talk to the D2iQ team in-person. Check out upcoming conferences where you can find the D2iQ Team. We’d love to see you there, so come and meet us to chat about all things Kubernetes adoption and more related!

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