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Dec 17, 2015



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Mesosphere is proud to be a Platinum member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), which on Thursday announced its formal governance model as well as a long list of new members. We are strong supporters of its mission to spread the creation of container- and microservice-based applications (aka cloud-native applications), and have been involved with the CNCF as a founding member since its inception in July 2015.
Ultimately, Mesosphere believes the proliferation of cloud-native applications will fundamentally change how developers, software architects and datacenter operators collaborate to run applications and services in their datacenters and clouds. That's the future we're solving for with our Datacenter Operating System (DCOS).
The open source technologies that underpin the DCOS—including Apache Mesos and the Mesosphere-developed Marathon—are already powering large-scale container environments at companies including Apple, Verizon, Samsung, Yelp and more. These environments run the gamut from private datacenters to public clouds, and from mobile apps to the Internet of Things.
Container orchestration is a very important part of cloud-native applications, but we're taking it further with our DCOS. We believe modern cloud applications will depend on microservices in containers, but will also depend upon and utilize other datacenter-scale services—big data systems for storage, processing and analytics, and CI/CD systems for deploying code faster.
At the center of DCOS are services—including Marathon, Chronos, Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, and Jenkins—that are easily installed and empower architects and operators to build datacenter-scale platforms for modern applications. These DCOS Services:
  • Install with a single command
  • Run on a shared cluster, with container-based resource isolation
  • Are intelligently scheduled to maximize resource utilization
  • Are highly available
  • Are easily monitored via their own tooling, as well as our cluster-wide management interface
Among the first technologies governed under the CNCF banner is Kubernetes, one of the many container orchestration systems that run atop our DCOS. Many people misperceive Kubernetes as competitor to Mesosphere, but it has actually been designed to run on top of Mesosphere's DCOS. This means it is an installable DCOS Service that can run alongside other workloads.
We've partnered with Google to make Kubernetes run on DCOS and Mesos, and we have committed human and monetary resources into its development. Google, and now the CNCF, will be our partners in ensuring the simple deployment, management and scalability of Kubernetes as an application on DCOS.
We look forward to working with the CNCF to advance the state of the art in cloud-native application architectures, and to delivering their benefits not just to developers, but across the entire IT organization.

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