Mesosphere acquires distributed data company OrlyAtomics

Sep 17, 2014

Florian Leibert


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Dear Mesosphere Community: I'm very excited to announce that Mesosphere has acquired distributed data company OrlyAtomics. Born out of the popular social discovery company, Tagged, Orly was created to solve data concurrency requirements for hundreds of millions of users.
The relationship between Orly and Tagged is an interesting coincidence because much of the innovation that has been contributed back to Apache Mesos throughout the years has been authored by another social media company you may have heard of (Twitter). When I worked at Twitter, we used Mesos to evict the Fail Whale and it seems that popular consumer technologies (Twitter, Google, Airbnb) have a track record of spawning innovation in the datacenter.
We were very impressed with how Orly handles data coordination, and saw a great opportunity to leverage Orly for new primitives in the datacenter operating system that Mesosphere is building. The OrlyAtomics team is brilliant, their accomplishments impressive—and we're looking forward to formally releasing some of their technology in Mesosphere distributions in the near future.
Mesosphere has always had the vision of Apache Mesos running on every datacenter on the planet, stitching together all of the datacenter's resources into one large computer, and providing the substrate that runs containers at scale.
The data layer is an important part of running distributed applications—how you optimize around distributing data, whether it's the state of an application or a database—is a crucial part of how apps will be built in the future.
Florian Leibert, Co-founder & CEO
P.P.S. The full press release in included, below.

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