Leading Data Partners Bet on Container 2.0 and DC/OS

Aug 01, 2016

Keith Chambers


2 min read

Today we announced that we have teamed up with industry leaders Confluent and DataStax to bring their offerings with commercial support to DC/OS. This is a significant milestone further demonstrating that the time is now for Container 2.0.
Put simply, Container 2.0 is about extending the benefits of containers to databases, messaging systems and other application services—often stateful services. Many of our customers trust their most critical business data to Confluent and DataStax. These mutual customers asked us to work together to accelerate their journey to Container 2.0 with DC/OS.
Apache Kafka, a high throughput distributed messaging system, is experiencing tremendous adoption across a broad range of industries and verticals. Confluent is the company founded by the creators of Apache Kafka, and the makers of the Confluent Platform for stream data. Built for scale and reliability, it solves the very real problem of running of building and running real time data applications.
We hear from customers the value of working with the Confluent team and the how their Confluent Platform enables them to realize 10x the value of Apache Kafka. We look forward to working with the entire team at Confluent to make our growing base of customers successful.
Apache Cassandra, a large-scale distributed database, is growing in leaps and bounds with the proliferation of connected devices and sensors. DataStax is the recognized commercial leader for Apache Cassandra. DataStax Enterprise (DSE) builds on Apache Cassandra to enable developers to build innovative real time web, mobile and Internet of Things applications with unprecedented performance, scale, and availability.
We hear from our customers that DataStax is among their most trusted partners and that DSE enables them to innovate at an unprecedented pace. We are excited to have a strong partnership with one of the most trusted names in Enterprise data DataStax and look forward to enabling customers to together.
DC/OS makes it easy to configure, deploy, scale and monitor Confluent Platform and DataStax Enterprise, which are available to install with a single click from the DC/OS Universe. DC/OS enables you to run microservices alongside data ingestion, databases and real-time analytics, and effortlessly power Internet of Things, predictive analytics and personalization applications with an elastic, resilient data infrastructure.
Today, we also expanded our support partnership with Lightbend around its Reactive Platform and Apache Spark, the data-processing and analytics power of which are a major part of modern, data-driven enterprise applications. In fact, Spark, Cassandra and Kafka are a common and powerful collection for real-time data pipelines. Commercial subscriptions for Confluent Platform, DataStax Enterprise and Lightbend Reactive Platform, as well as Enterprise DC/OS, are available from their respective companies.
We continue to see growing demand from customers for containerized stateful services with commercial support. We look forward to working with Confluent, DataStax, Lightbend and other leading partners in the data agility space to deliver products and offerings with DC/OS.

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