Join the DCOS public beta on Microsoft Azure and AWS

Apr 29, 2015



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It's an exciting day at Mesosphere. We are opening up our Datacenter Operating System technology via a public beta period on two major cloud computing platforms. If you would like to test out DCOS on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, go ahead and sign up for access here.
The public beta period will allow anyone to become early experimenters and, hopefully, adopters of what will eventually become the new standard for infrastructure management.
DCOS presents the first real attempt to bring the infrastructure secrets of major web companies to companies of all shapes and sizes. At its core is the open source Apache Mesos technology, which acts as an OS kernel for managing an entire datacenter like a single computer. Only instead of including a bunch of custom-built OS services, DCOS has been integrated with all sorts of leading open source projects -- Hadoop, Cassandra, Kubernetes, Jenkins and more -- in order to provide these modern services alongside the automatic provisioning, scaling and failover capabilities that modern datacenter-scale applications require.
Mesos is an important piece of the IT puzzle at companies such as Twitter, Yelp, eBay and Netflix. You might have read last week that Apple has re-platformed the entire Siri backend on Mesos.
DCOS takes things further by building around and hardening Mesos, and wrapping everything in an easy-to-use command line and an easy-to-read dashboard interface. DCOS makes it ridiculously easy to deploy all of the distributed services mentioned above, and more, which makes it easier to build applications that take advantage of them. The open source Marathon framework that comes preinstalled lets companies get their own platform-as-a-service environments up and running in minutes.
We're marching fast toward general availability, but in the meantime we want to show off to the world what we've done -- and to start letting the world show us what they can do with it. Maybe build the next Twitter, the next high-tech hedge fund or the next Siri. Or, hopefully, do something completely new and awesome.
Sign up for public beta access here!

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