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Dec 12, 2016



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What is Day 2 Ops?
In his blog post on the subject, Jeff Malnick (the leader of the Day 2 Operations working group) describes Day 2 Ops in the following way:
"It takes more to run an application in production than installing some software and starting applications. For the operator, their job truly begins on day 2—maintaining, upgrading, debugging a running cluster without downtime.
Since DC/OS is an operating system, we have the perfect platform to build the APIs and functionality required for operators to be successful and efficient at their jobs. Some of the first pieces of this functionality that we are focused on here is logging, metrics and debugging."
The Day 2 Operations working group is focused on topics that relate to operations: specifically logging, monitoring, and debugging to start. (We may eventually, as a group, choose to break the Day 2 Operations working group out into several, more specialized groups. But we'll see if that makes sense once the group gets off the ground.)
Our Next Working Group Meeting
When: January 6th at 10:30 am PT
Where: Zoom
Proposed Agenda:
  • Charter for this working group and where we currently stand with the CNI work
  • DC/OS 1.9 preview: features that are coming and how to help test and validate
  • Proposed meeting schedule for Jan and Feb
  • Q&A
Join Us!
Join the mailing list. It is where we will share longer-form content and make announcements about the working group.
Join the #day-2-ops-wg channel in the DC/OS Slack community. It is where to ask questions and share shorter-form ideas.
We look forward to seeing you on Zoom on January 6th at 10:30 am PT.
Working Group Leader
Jeff Malnick : email | Twitter | GitHub

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