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For more than five years, DC/OS has enabled some of the largest, most sophisticated enterprises in the world to achieve unparalleled levels of efficiency, reliability, and scalability from their IT infrastructure. But now it is time to pass the torch to a new generation of technology: the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP). Why? Kubernetes has now achieved a level of capability that only DC/OS could formerly provide and is now evolving and improving far faster (as is true of its supporting ecosystem). That’s why we have chosen to sunset DC/OS, with an end-of-life date of October 31, 2021. With DKP, our customers get the same benefits provided by DC/OS and more, as well as access to the most impressive pace of innovation the technology world has ever seen. This was not an easy decision to make, but we are dedicated to enabling our customers to accelerate their digital transformations, so they can increase the velocity and responsiveness of their organizations to an ever-more challenging future. And the best way to do that right now is with DKP.

Jul 22, 2016

Lee Munroe


4 min read

At Mesosphere we are a user-centered design company. As regularly as possible our Product Design team connects with users to run usability tests on new DC/OS features and conduct interviews on potential future features we intend to build. Our goal is to identify any usability problems, collect qualitative and quantitative data, and determine your satisfaction with DC/OS.
User testing sessions typically last one hour. We'll show you both new features we've built, or prototypes of features we're thinking of building, then ask you to complete a few tasks to see if they make sense. You get to see what we're working on and it also gives you a chance to be part of our product development process by offering early feedback that we can incorporate.
You can easily be involved either in-person or remotely. Just fill out our UX Research form and you will receive notifications about any upcoming testing sessions we're hosting. You'll be able to pick a time that suits you and we offer swag and gift card incentives as a thank you.

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