Deprecating support for older Linux distros with Mesos 0.23

Jul 09, 2015

Jeremy Lingmann


1 min read

A number of exciting changes are making their way into Apache Mesos core starting with the forthcoming Mesos 0.23.0 release -- changes that will help with the long-term maintainability of the project. As part of this, we will be deprecating package builds for older Linux distributions that do not have the C++ support necessary to build the latest versions of Mesos.
Starting with 0.23.0 we will be providing deb and rpm packages for:
  • Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS)
  • Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS)
  • Ubuntu 15.04
  • CentOS / RHEL 6 / Enterprise Linux 6
  • CentOS / RHEL 7 / Enterprise Linux 7
  • Debian 8 (LTS)
We will be discontinuing package builds for:
For those who are not able to upgrade, we will continue to provide package downloads for the older Mesos releases, although we would encourage everyone to consider upgrading to an Enterprise Linux or LTS Debian distribution.
Alternatively, check out the Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System, which is the simplest way to run the entire Mesosphere stack on a lightweight operating system (CoreOS) without having to install a single package.

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