DC/OS 1.10: One Platform for the Containerized Future

Sep 06, 2017

Florian Leibert


6 min read

Editor's note - This blog post reflects our Kubernetes efforts in 2017. To learn more about Kubernetes on DC/OS, see Kubernetes-as-a-Service Now Available in DC/OS 1.11.
When we launched Mesosphere DC/OS two years ago, we took the first step in realizing our dream to create a single, cohesive platform that would make it easy to build, deploy, and elastically scale world-changing applications. We helped take some of the software tools that were only accessible to the most innovative technology brands, and began to make them accessible to a more diverse group of people and companies.
A lot has changed in those past two years. Containers have gone from a fringe concept to nearing mainstream adoption. Data has become the most valuable asset to enterprises of all sizes, with dozens of new tools emerging to help collect, analyze, and respond in real-time. And the pace of innovation and competition, already fraught, has only accelerated.
A lot has changed for Mesosphere, too. DC/OS has run on over 150,000 clusters. We also now have 100+ platform services from a broad ecosystem of partners than can be deployed with a single-click. Our business has changed; 4 out of the top 5 banks in North America, 3 of the top 5 cable providers, and half of the top 10 most valuable startups in the world all run our software.
But while some things have improved, much has not. Companies still face significant complexity; in their development tools, in their organizations, and in their deployment processes. The universe of tools we need to innovate in the digital era isn't going to get smaller, so the best path forward is to simplify how we leverage these tools on an open platform.
Announcing Mesosphere DC/OS 1.10 and Beta of Kubernetes on DC/OS
It remains our mission to make development, deployment, and operations easier, so we are proud to announce two significant new additions to our product; the general availability of DC/OS 1.10, providing an even more secure, resilient, and high-performance platform for running data-intensive, containerized applications, and the first beta release of Kubernetes running on DC/OS.
DC/OS 1.10 extends the capabilities that have already made us a leader in container production operations:
  • Improved security features, including custom certification authority integration, file based secrets, provides operators the tools they need to securely run multi-tenant services and enables applications to securely share digital certificates
  • Additional upgrade capabilities helps maintain uptime and simplifies disaster recovery with minimal effort. DC/OS now enables you to perform live upgrades of data services, and automatically validate DC/OS upgrades.
  • New DC/OS edge load balancer guarantees performance and isolation for applications and services with a flexible, high-performance networking stack. Our new high performance L4/L7 ingress load balancer makes it easy to expose any application or service inside a DC/OS cluster to the outside world.
  • Enhanced Services SDK makes it easy to add new services to the DC/OS catalog, while providing a strong baseline of reliability and robustness. DC/OS 1.10 now certifies production-ready data services, including Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Confluent Kafka, DataStax Enterprise, Elasticsearch, and Hadoop Distributed File System.
Extending the Mesosphere philosophy of emphasizing "freedom of choice" on DC/OS, we now offer Kubernetes for container orchestration. Development teams can now choose container orchestrators on our platform as easily as they choose data services, CI/CD, or networking tools. Kubernetes on DC/OS brings a public cloud-like "Containers-as-a-Service" experience to any infrastructure, and allows you to run Kubernetes applications alongside big data services with a common set of security, maintenance, and management tools.
Kubernetes on DC/OS will allow operators to easily install, scale and upgrade multiple production-grade Kubernetes clusters on Mesosphere DC/OS. Infrastructure owners will be able to offer application developers Kubernetes for Docker container orchestration alongside other data services or legacy applications, all on shared DC/OS infrastructure while maintaining high availability and isolation. All of these services running on DC/OS benefit from complete hybrid cloud portability on an open platform.
Getting Started

DC/OS 1.10 is available for download today. Enterprise customers can upgrade following these instructions. If you are looking to try DC/OS, this tutorial can guide you through.
To try Kubernetes on DC/OS, please follow these instructions. Once you are up and running, please share your feedback with us here. Please note that we will be releasing regular updates to this beta over the next few months as we work towards general availability.

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