DC/OS 1.8 Early Access

The latest version of DC/OS is now available.

Aug 04, 2016

Thomas Rampelberg


We're very excited to announce the availability of DC/OS 1.8 Early Access! This is the first major release since we open sourced DC/OS a few months ago, and we couldn't be happier with the level of community engagement and support that made this release a reality.


Please note that this is an Early Access release. There are some rough edges and missing documentation. Take it for a test drive, file some bugs, but be aware that it may be a bumpy ride!


This release includes all kinds of new things, including:


  • Integrated Container Orchestration with Jobs and Services
  • Built-in Overlay Networking
  • Mesos 1.0


Check out the release notes to learn more about the newest features, or watch our video from this week's DC/OS Office Hours with Mesosphere's VP Engineering, Tal Broda, to see some of them in action.


We need your help. Please give this EA version of 1.8 a try and help us iron out any remaining issues. You can log a JIRA ticket if you find any bugs, or join our Slack community if you have any questions. We'll be waiting for you in the #general channel.


Thanks everyone - greatly appreciate your help.

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